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Beware, crazy tea sellers!

Update: August, 11/2015 - 09:38

The driver of a four-seat taxi left his keys in his veh-icle recently when he got out to have a cup of iced tea. It was a mistake he will never repeat.

At 11am last Friday in Khuong Dinh Ward, Ha Noi, the driver parked his cab on the pavement near the To Lich River and sat down at a tea shop.

The tea-shop owner suddenly got up, leapt into the taxi and started it. The vehicle took off crazily and crashed into a motorbike, injuring the driver.

The taxi then crashed into a fence around the river, knocking it over. It then plunged into the river, but the tea-shop owner opened a door and jumped out in time.

Unbelievably, he was not injured. Police assigned one ambulance and two special rescue vehicles to haul the taxi out of the river and examine the driver.

Just why the tea-shop man got the urge to drive the cab is unknown, but it seems highly likely that he will have to pay for the consequences of his escapede.

Youth volunteers on a roll

A group of 12 young vigilante volunteers are using roller skates to patrol Nguyen Hue walking street in HCM City's District 1 for a week. They work two shifts, from 7am to 1pm, and from 1pm to 11pm.

A pilot programme started by the municipal People's Committee, it aims to provide more security in the pedestrian area.

The volunteers said that they had trained for a month before the programme was conducted. At first they practised three hours per day, and then all day.

But, just as they were about to start patrolling, the HCM City People's Committee banned the use of roller skates in Nguyen Hue Street.

Local residents were surprised to see youth volunteers use roller skates while on duty.They wondered why city authorities banned residents from wearing the skates, but let the volunteers use them.

The youth volunteers said the roller skates were much quicker than walking or running and agreed the city must ban people from using them otherwise the street would become a playground.

So, if you want to practice rolling down Nguyen HueStreet at high speed, perhaps it would be best to join the youth volunteers.

Watch out for Ms. Nguyen

As ASEAN nations, including Viet Nam, open their doors widely to all citizens in the 10-nation bloc, there obviously has to be a certain amount of fine tuning. But a young environmental scientist from Ha Noi was puzzled to be taken aside at Bangkok airport for 40 minutes last week.

Her only problem, her companion was told, was that her surname, Nguyen, was on a list of Vietnamese names to be double checked.

Our friend told the immigration officers that as her surname was the most popular in the nation, they would waste a lot of time if they had to check out every one bearing the name arriving in the country. — VNS

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