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Fat dogs make more friends

Update: August, 04/2015 - 10:16

Walking with a pup is not enough to make heads turn, unless the owner is a hottie, in which case they don't need a dog in the first place! But we reckon the best way to attract glances is, in fact, to walk a strange looking dog, such as a fluffy white samoyed - or a really fat animal.

Last week, a story about a huge 50kg dog plodding along with his owner in an attempt to lose weight made the headlines. Every 20 metres, the dog had to stop for a 10 minute break.

Viet Tran, who photographed the odd couple and posted it online, said the duo walked from Bach Mai Street to Tuoi Tre Park every day. Like Viet, everyone passing the couple burst into laughter at the sight of the rolly-polly dog.

The dog's owner said that it all started with his overwhelming love for the dog. He fed the animal up to 15 trung vit lon (half-hatched duck eggs) a day since he was a pup.

Recently, he realised the dog in his oversized body was struggling with the heat, so he decided to take him out for regular walks - and to cut his egg supply down to five a day.

Not sure if the dog will ever slim down, but it is now almost fast enough to avoid traffic on the city's crazed streets.

Scorpio teacher with a sting

Scorpios can lose their temper when someone gets in their way, so it's best to give them plenty of room.They're unafraid, and a loss today simply means an opportunity for victory tomorrow.

This is probably why the actions of Le Na, a well known teacher of English, flooded the social media on the internet at the weekend. In a video clip, Miss Na, who specialises in training people for IELTS and TOEIC language tests, is seen threatening two students.

The woman, who also owns an English centre, was shown arguing with two of her students in not-so-appropriate language. The verbal fight was secretly recorded by one of the students and later uploaded onto Facebook.

At the end of the clip, Na, with her finger pointing straight at the camera, makes an unforgettable quote: "I'm telling you shithead, I'm a Scorpio. Anyone who dares to touch a Scorpio's ego, I will pay them exactly what they do to me."

Netizens could not help but joke about the situation, swearing to never date a Scorpio girl, or rushing to clarify that they were anything but Scorpios. One even posted a picture of the Scorpion King played by The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, with the quote: "Don't mess with my wife".

Unperturbed by all the fuss, the main character, Le Na, did not lie down. She simply asserted that this way of marketing really hit the jackpot for her. Oh dear!

Temple to no one

About VND80 billion (US$3.6 million) is being poured into a new temple in Ha Tinh Province, yet the authorities are still scratching their heads over the choice of a deity or eminent worshipful scholars to place in it.

The building is basically a copy of the famous Van Mieu (Temple of Literature) built in Ha Noi in the eleventh century. It is being on a 1.67 hectare plot in Dong Lo field in Ha Tinh City as part of a project to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of residents.

Construction began last December and about a quarter of the work has already been completed. However, the head of Ha Tinh City's Construction Management Board, Pham Tien Sinh, said that, to date, no main deity had been chosen for worship. "This issue is for workshops and conferences to decide later," he said.

Some people suggested that Confucius himself might be a worthy candidate for worship, but this seems just too easy a solution.

Therefore, don't complain if our leading citizens have little time to handle daily matters because it seems they are far too busy sorting out who's who in heaven. — VNS

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