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The tooth fairy misses out

Update: July, 07/2015 - 10:59
Forty-nine-year-old Do Ha Bac of central Binh Dinh Province has had most of his teeth out. Whenever he feels a stab of pain, he's off to the dentist.

Bac said that he has suffered from serious toothaches and headaches since he was 14. For years, the pain was not relieved, despite a variety of medicines.

"Some dentists advised me not to pull the teeth out, but I asked them to do it for me," he said. Now, Bac has only six teeth left.

Early this month, Bac went to Binh Dinh General Hosptal to have the rest of his teeth out after the pain returned. This time he was diagnosed as having an artery blocked by plaque leading to the trigeminal nerve behind the eyes. This nerve is responsible for sensation in the face and motor functions, such as biting and chewing.

"There was nothing wrong with his teeth," said Binh Dinh doctor Dao Van Nhan. Surgery was used to ease the blockage, immediately clearing up Bac's long-lasting "toothache". Dr Nhan said that at least six people had come to Binh Dinh General Hospital with similar symptoms. They all believed the pain was connected to toothache.

While Bac and the other sufferers could have made a few dollars by leaving their lost teeth out for the tooth fairy, the winners are the few that still have a few teeth left!

Remember this number

Deputy director of Ha Noi's Department for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Truong Minh Tien, ended up a bit red-faced last week when he failed to remember a hotline his office had especially created for disgruntled foreign tourists.

Participants were astonished that neither the deputy director nor his accompanying staff could remember the number to pass on to the media, despite Government concern about over-charging and swindling throughout the industry.

After an online search later, we found the two hotline numbers – 0439261515 and 0946791955. Not the sort of numbers that can easily be remembered, by officials or tourists - as Tien himself found out.

Thief's good deed for the day

Nguyen Chi Cuong, 26, of southernmost province of Ca Mau, was recently sentenced to eight years jail for the theft of a motorbike and a handbag.

The court was told that on July 29, 2012, while riding a motorbike, Cuong snatched a bag from a pedestrian in Ben Thanh Market.

However, as our villain sped off, his vehicle skidded and crashed, so he continued fleeing on foot. A policeman on the scene raced after him.

Cuong then confronted the owner of another motorbike, waved a knife — and took off again! When he got home, he had second thoughts, telling a friend to take the stolen vehicle to a police station in Ward 16 in HCM City's District 4.

But Cuong's only good deed for the day proved to be his undoing! When police found out where he was living, it was all over.

Unfair competition

Three men in central Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, were arrested late last month for vandalising the outside of brand-new coaches owned by Saigontourist with black graffiti - in large letters!

One of the arrested, Nguyen Xuan Huy, 31, of Dong Hoi City, told police he wanted to destroy the brand new look of the coach.

He said he did so because he was envious. Huy said he owned a 45-seat passenger coach but it was very old. His action, he said, was to try and even the playing field. — VNS

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