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Victim leaves her mark

Update: May, 19/2015 - 09:01

Hoang Bui Hai, head of the Emergency Aid Ward at Ha Noi Medical University Hospital, told the Vietnamnet e-newspaper about a strange case handled by doctors recently.

He was referring to a male student named Tuan (not his real name) hospitalised at 8pm last Wednesday in full possession of his senses, but bleeding from his forehead.

Checking his injury, the doctors did not see anything unusual. But when they probed, they found a strange hard object. The doctors cleaned it and then found that it was a large human eye-tooth.

Tuan revealed that he was injured when he crashed into a girl on his motorbike. The girl screamed and quickly ran away.

Tuan was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday night after four hours' supervision.

Nurses deserve grilling

At noon on May 5, a 27-year-old nurse from Bac Giang Province General Hospital and some of her colleagues were grilling dried cuttle-fish in their room.

While pouring alcohol into a griller holding the cuttle fish, drops of alcohol splashed on her clothes. Flames quickly started burning her clothes.

All her colleagues were so freaked out, they took to their heels and ran without further thought. The fire was stamped out by relatives of patients at the hospital.

Some say the fleeing nurses should have been grilled themselves for not staying to help their dinner mate.

Dao Minh Son, deputy director of the hospital, told Tien phong (Vanguard) newspaper that the nurse's injuries were quite serious. She burnt her hands, thigh, chest and face. She is now receiving treatment at the National Burns Institute in Ha Noi.

After the incident, hospital management banned employees from cooking in their rooms.

Husbands run from love

Nguyen Ngoc Thuy Trang, from HCM City's Thu Duc District, and Huu Dan married two months ago, but they rarely say "I love you" (Em yeu anh) to each other. Two weeks ago Trang saw other wives on Facebook sending messages with those three words to their husbands.

Deciding to join the trend, Trang sent an "I love you" message to her husband hoping her husband would say "Me, too" or some else romantic.

Seconds later, Dan replied "How are you? Are you OK? Did you drink the wrong medicine? Don't frighten me."

Trang said that she laughed a lot after receiving her husband's reply. "I love you, it is so interesting," Trang said.

Nguyen Thi Huong, 32, lives in HCM City's District 9, also liked the trend on the Facebook and sent a similar message to her husband. And her husband replied, "Did you intend to send the message to your boyfriend and then you mis-sent it to me?".

Her husband was in doubt for a week until Huong explained to him that she only wanted to try a trend on Facebook. "Anyway I feel a bit disappointed. Did marriage bury our love?" she said.

Similarly, many other women received odd replies from their husbands. One said: "What do you want? Please talk immediately."

Others said: "I gave you all my salary yesterday." or "Do you want to buy a dress or a necklace?"

It seems the magic words do not always receive the expected response. — VNS

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