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Rat hole full of gold

Update: May, 12/2015 - 09:00

Dinh Thi Dap, a resident from Hoai An District in central Binh Dinh Province, came home one day to find her hard-earned savings, about US$1,000 in gold (20g) had been taken from its hiding spot - a crack inside one of her bedroom walls.

Dap had carefully placed the gold in a tiny sachet. As she's only living with her husband and a baby boy, her immediate suspect was, unfortunately, the husband.

However, he said he knew nothing about the stash until she told him that her treasure was missing. Not entirely convinced -but lacking another explanation - Dap reported her loss to police.

Even the police found it puzzling, especially after they ruled out the husband as a suspect. Then, in a deduction that would have impressed Sherlok Holmes, detectives' pointed their finger at a nearby rats' nest, saying that the rodents had been known to collect cloth and other types of waste.

As unlikely as it appeared, the police actually found the gold in a rathole not more than 10 metres away from the original hiding spot. One can imagine how happy the couple must have been when the problem was solved - and the husband exonerated.

Clothes marketh a conman

Trinh Cao Dang observed that most people automatically respect a man of the cloth, so he came up with a scheme to cash in on it.

Dang visited several stores and ordered valuable musical instruments to be delivered to churches in the city. Donning a black priest's costume, he went to the churches and waited until the deliveries arrived.

He then asked the delivery men to return later to receive payment as he was in the middle of a religious ceremony. When they returned, he was no where to be seen.

Police later found that Dang sold the instruments and pocketed the money as soon as he had the instruments in his hot hands. The stores only realised that it was a scam after church authorities told them they had not ordered anything.

Last week, city police arrested Dang after several expensive thefts. A police officer revealed that he had pocketed more than VND1 billion (about US$50,000) from the venture.

It seems that most people rarely think of questioning the motives of men in black - or grey or saffron!

Failing the breathalyser test

During a meeting on Friday to discuss the progress of a campaign against drunken drivers, police told many stories about their reactions.

Instead of breathing into the breathalyser tubes, some drivers just held their breath. Other blew so hard in an effort to jam the devices. The childish behaviour cost police much lost time.

In some cases, drivers not only refused a breath test but also insulted law-enforcement forces. Many of them used crude language and refused to sign their tickets.

Others, it is said, chew on strong mints or the cough capsule Fisherman's Friend to disguise the smell of booze.

While everyone agrees steps must be taken to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road it's a different story when they have a few drinks. — VNS

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