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Music for pregnant pigs

Update: April, 21/2015 - 08:39

Farmer Nguyen Vu Phuong, 49, from Ward 8, Vinh Long City, in the southern province of Vinh Long, has a unique trick when raising pigs: letting them listen to the music of famous Vietnamese singers.

Phuong told the Phap luat TP HCM (HCM City Law) newspaper that to improve the quality of litters and (hmmm!) the quality of pork, he turned on different kinds of music and let them listen. Vocalists popular with the beasts are Dam Vinh Hung, Ly Hai, Cam Ly and Son Tung.

"Whenever I turn on the music, the animals stay silent and forget meals. But if I turn it off, they make high-pitched squeals," said Phuong.

In 2009, Phuong's sows often gave birth to piglets with derangements or had miscarriages and many piglets died. One day, while watching television, he learned that on some overseas farms, cows listening to music produced more milk.

"I immediately thought of providing music for my pigs so that they could give birth more easily," said Phuong, so he bought a radio to try out his idea.

"After a few weeks of listening to music, the pregnancy rate among the sows rose sharply. Each sow now produces between 19 to 20 healthy piglets per farrow and their meat quality is described as stable.

Vocalist Dam Vinh Hung said the story would also provoke two human responses. Those who disliked him could say his singing was for fit for pigs, said Hung.

But, he added, his true fans would say his singing could stir animals. "If my voice has such an effect, I think that I will become a forest king," said Hung.

Singer Ly Hai was also surprised when he heard the story. "I cannot believe it. It is the first time I heard such a thing. Anyway, it is very interesting," said Hai.

Maybe some-one will eventually figure out what animals prefer what type of music. The song Old McDonald's Farm should be a winner.

One beating too much

A girl, with the Facebook nickname of D Anh, has posted a photograph showing her face covered with black-and-blue bruises.

However, D Anh claims that it wasn't the result of a motorbike accident, offering the story that she had been beaten by her lover.

She wrote that she had been assaulted for the fifth time. "I post the photograph as a memory for me. Many men can bring me happiness, but I love a worthless man. I'm a woman, I want happiness like the others, but it is so difficult. Why is God so unfair to me?"

D Anh said she only revealed the story after the final beating. She said she did not want her boyfriend to be reviled and that she still loved him. But this time she raised her voice because she said she could not stand any more. "I post the photograph to make me more determined to leave the man," she said.

D Anh said that she was beaten during quarrels between her and her lover. After beating her, her love immediately hugged her, cried and apologised, so she forgave him.

But this time, thanks to Facebook, the whole world will know what a nutter her boyfriend really is.

Free water park offer triggers riot

Social media has been flooded with photos of hundreds of people flocking to West Lake Water Park in Ha Noi. The rush began after the park offered free tickets for two hours on Sunday to celebrate its fifth anniversary. But as temperatures soared to 37 Celsius, the park quickly became overcrowded.

The park was well over capacity so it decided to close an hour after the free offer was made. But when the main gate was closed, the crowds pushing outside for free tickets climbed over a steel gate barbed with sharp projections. Even young girls in dresses, parents with small children hoisted themselves up and over. They all fought hard to get inside.

Inside the park, thousands of people swamped every corner, from water-play areas to scuba diving. The scene was so chaotic, but no one seemed to mind. Security guards were caught off-guard.

Most people marvelled at the efforts some people would go to get something for free. The parents even supported their children as they climbed over walls, despite the danger of falling.

There's nothing wrong in getting something for free, but not if it means putting the safety of yourself and family at stake. Children who discovered their parents were willing to break the rules may not listen so intently to their advice in future. — VNS

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