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Not man enough

Update: January, 13/2015 - 09:29

A status entry on a Facebook group page has earned 23-year-old college student Tran Van Hiep a status that he did not seek, that of a pariah.

Hiep's entry proclaimed his desire to leave his girlfriend, for which he needed a sterilization certificate as an excuse. If someone would help him get the certificate and successfully execute his plan, the reward of a mobile telephone card awaits, the entry said.

The response was swift and unambiguous. People called him a deceitful coward that no girl would want to cling to, but Hiep continued to cling to his plan, imploring others to help him get the certificate.

Since we at Twist-in-the-Tale have a "twisted" mind, we wonder whether Hiep's desperation for an official disclaimer has something to do with his having done something that actually proves his sterility.

Either way, one thing is clear. He is not man enough!

Tears of happiness

We all know that the guava is an awesome fruit, taste-wise and health-wise. Most Vietnamese also know what the northern province of Hai Duong produces especially tasty fruits like lychees and longans, but this did not explain the crowds thronging a stall at a fair held in Ha Noi last week.

Once we reached the stall, however, the reason was clear. It was the brand name that was attracting the crowds despite the guavas pegged at a notch or two higher than the market price. And no, it was not that the brand was identified with better quality.

In a stroke of marketing genius, the vendor selling the guavas had named them Le Roi, or "Falling Tear Drops." Being a good neighbour, he had used his neighbour's good name after the latter, also a farmer, became a sensation for his singing talent.

Nguyen Duc Hau, the singing farmer, achieved fame on forums and social networks after posting hundreds of videos featuring his renditions of famous songs, Vietnamese and English, English and Vietnamese, early last year. Hau presented his songs under the pseudonym Le Roi.

Phong, owner of the guava store, said that he was able to sell a lot of fruit in just a few hours. Many people wanted to know if the guavas had been picked from the garden of singer/farmer Le Roi.

No they had not. But Phong's garden is just several kilometers away from Le Roi's house, and he had only "borrowed" the name. Phong said he has seen Le Roi's clips but had never met the man himself.


Maybe Phong took to heart, or took heart from, the message from one of the more popular songs rendered by Le Roi - "Anh khong doi qua," (I Wouldn't Ask for My Gifts Back). — VNS

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