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Cat-fight stops plane

Update: November, 25/2014 - 10:09

More than 200 passengers sitting tight on a plane bound for Ha Noi turned their eyes from the safety instructions to watch a cat-fight between a married woman and her husband's ex-girlfriend - while the husband sat between them.

Whether by plan or by chance, the three sat side by side on a Vietnam Airlines plane departing from HCM City on Friday. Just as cabin staff prepared to lock the plane's doors, the two women began insulting each other. The words "husband stealer" filled the air as the poor man squirmed between them, either not knowing what to do or too afraid to move.

Things started getting out of control when the two ladies started using their hands - then their shoes - to drive their points home.

The captain finally left the cockpit and demanded all three leave the plane, which they did, accompanied by security officers.

After they disembarked, airport authorities fined both women VND7.5 million (US$360) each, but praised the husband for trying to stop the fight, even though he probably triggered the brawl in the first place.

Xe om driver hits big time!

Two women have been arrested for paying a xe om (motorbike taxi) US$250 to dress up as the Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Viet Tien so that they could cheat job applicants.

The pair allegedly got away with more than VND6 billion (US$288,400) by introducing their clients to "the Deputy Minister".

Le Thi Bich Hanh, 31, and Vuong Thuy Nga, 39, both living in Ha Noi, claimed to be officers working at the Central Obstetrics Hospital. They also falsely claimed to be able to take care of job applications for any hospital in the city.

Doan Van Ta, a worker at Viet Duc Hospital, swallowed their lies. In the last year, he has given Hanh and Nga a total of 60 job applications together with more than VND4.6 billion (US$221,000).

Ta quit his job at the hospital, dreaming of one day working, with the help of the two women, as an assistant to a general director in the Ministry of Health.

Other "customers" who directly did business with Nga and Hanh had to pay an average of VND300 million (US$14,400) to get their dream jobs.

After receiving the money, Nga faked 35 medical employee cards, including heaps of positions - such as deputy director's assistant, doctor and nurse - then gave them to her "customers". Records, of course, show that not one of the applicants was successful.

Meanwhile, another man in Ha Noi has been sentenced to 36 months for claiming to be the son of city Party Committee Secretary Pham Quang Nghi.

It all started the day when Nguyen Tien Anh, 24, found out that Gucci-brand stock worth about VND100 billion (US$4.8 million) owned by the Milano Vina Company had been seized. It was up for sale because the company had allegedly evaded tax.

Tien Anh decided to meet Nguyen Thi Nhu Mai, the manager of the Ha Noi Market Watch Branch, and asked to buy the Gucci clothing, make-up and handbags. He used the name "Thanh" and claimed to have a big-shot father.

Mai immediately introduced Tien Anh to Hoang Dai Nghia, captain of Market Management Team No.14. After learning that it would cost about VND30 billion (US$1.4 million) to buy the goods, Tien Anh said it was too expensive and left.

A while later, Tien Anh called Nghia from Singapore to ask for a loan of US$15,000 for health treatment. Trusting the "son" of such a prominent person, Nghia agreed and transferred the money.

Of course, Nghia never saw his rich friend again. However, surprise, surprise, when the market captain reported his loss to the police, Tien Anh's family responded honorably, returning all the money their wayward son had conned.

The lesson is not to trust self-proclaimed relatives of any VIP before you Google and check.

No apple for the teacher

VTV, the Viet Nam Television Broadcaster, has been fined VND30 million (US$1,440) by inspectors from the Ministry of Information and Communications for broadcasting a clip mocking teachers on Vietnamese Teachers' Day, November 20.

A short cartoon film titled Pick Out the Bones for the Teacher, was shown on VTV3 a day before the big event. It was about a teacher who made a student take all the meat from a fish before the teacher ate it for lunch. The poor boy was left with only the bones to eat.

The film and VTV immediately caught lots of flak for insulting teachers. — VNS

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