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Phone now for free cow!

Update: October, 07/2014 - 09:40

People in northern Quang Ninh Province who buy SIM cards from mobile provider Viettel will have an opportunity to receive a rather large present – a cud-chewing, milk producing, cow.

Under an agreement signed between Viettel and the provincial People's Committee, the phone company will give more than 1,300 cows to the province if the committee can "sell" 20,000 of its Sim cards.

According to the rules, those who buy 15 SIM cards at VND50,000 each and pay a minimum of VND100,000 for service charges a month, will receive a cow worth about VND15 million ($714).

The office wit quickly worked out that by spending a few dollars, you get a cow worth $700. He reckons that if you sell it, you can buy many more cards and get many more cows.

He intends to become a millionaire in a short space of time. So, if you want to get rich .. or keep a cow in your apartment - be quick!

Transgender offender puzzle

Police imprison criminals based on their gender. However, it is not easy when the offender is transgender, because rules governing them do not exist.

Ha Noi Police recently arrested a transgender television star for allegedly attempting to sell 2.6 grammes of ecstasy pills. Tram Anh was arrested with an accomplice during the sale last week.

Anh was born a boy under the name Nguyen Van Hieu, but began to act and dress like a girl in first grade. Hieu then underwent a surgery to become a girl named Tram Anh.

Arresting police were in a flap. When they decided to detain Anh further, they did not know where to put her, in a cell for males or females?

Eventually, they decided that as Anh had been born a male, that determined her gender from a police point of view. So they put her in a cell full of males. However, they are open to recommendations on what to do in future.

Money, dead or alive!

There are many ways of making money, but a woman from the outlying Ha Noi District of Dong Anh decided to earn a pocketful by telling local authorities that both her mother and mother-in-law had died.

The authorities, as they do, gave her a total of about US$3,000 as a death gratuity to pay for their funerals and other related costs. Most Vietnamese pay into a gratuity fund so they are not a burden on others when they die.

Le Thi Thuy Mui, 53, made VND63 million ($3,000) for her effort, but the truth is that both her mother and mother-in-law are still alive and healthy.

After this came to light, Mui admitted that she had done the wrong thing, but said she would have got the money anyway when the two elderly women died.

It was a case of "here and now" for the impatient woman, but it seems she has since been told to hand it all back. Maybe the police will also pay her a visit. — VNS

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