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Everyone is a potential fool

Update: September, 16/2014 - 09:29

There's an old Vietnamese saying that all people are potential fools. One midnight recently, Ho Quang Muoi, 32, casually walked into a Public Security Ministry jail in central Nghe An Province's Tan Ky District - with his eyes wide open.

He saw a guard sound asleep next to an Iphone 5S worth a cool VND17 million (US$800) so. As we said, Muoi's eyes were - wide open.

The daring intruder quickly jammed the phone in his pocket and made a graceful exit, without waking up the guard. Then, with a smile on his face, he returned home, shut down the phone and went to bed.

Next morning, Muoi turned on his new acquisition to see that it was working properly before taking it to a dealer to sell. And that's when the dream ended.

Local police were around at his home within minutes because the smartphone had a global positioning system installed.

Muoi can now contemplate his little adventure from the safe precincts of a jail cell. But no more midnight wanderings, even if the guards are sleeping!

How much is the frypan?

Vietnamese normally visit the People's Committee in their local commune when they need legal documents signed or stamped - or if they need to shift house or have another baby.

The committee offices have everything needed for administrative procedures or to help those in desperate need. But at only one can you walk in and buy a set of chopsticks, a set of rice bowls or a rice cooker!

Residents in central Quang Binh Province's An Ninh Commune are in the privileged position of using the local committee rooms as a one-stop-shop. Instead of just "Stamp this please" or "Here's the money for wedding registration" it's now a matter of "How much is the frypan".

The odd situation arose when the chairman of the committee allowed a company providing kitchen gear to display and sell its products in the committee's hall for a couple of days. Each day the company pays for the committee VND500,000 (US$23).

But be quick. The committee shop only runs until the end of this week!

No more spoon feeding

More than 100 three-year-olds in Ha Noi's Yen Binh Commune have been told by their kindergarten teacher to stay at home - because they can now eat with spoons! Meanwhile, two-year-olds are welcome because they are considered in need of close attention by teachers. The doors are also open to four and five year olds because they are preparing for first grade.

Nguyen Thi Khuyen, grandmother of a three-year-old girl said that her granddaughter looked so sad when she was sent home because she missed her kindergarten friends. The little girl was told not to return after the summer holidays because she was now three-years' old.

A female teacher of Yen Binh kindergarten explained, or tried to explain, that children at the age of three could eat with spoon by themselves, so parents could take care of them at home! The theory is that when a child turned four, the school will welcome them back.

A lack of classrooms is built into the equation somewhere, but we will not spoon-feed you any more information!.

All's well that ends well!

Residents in Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta's Phu Thuan ‘A' Village were keenly counting the days to the opening of a bridge across a local stream.

Unfortunately, the almost-complete bridge suddenly collapsed last Wednesday, washing away all their excitement. Poor design and shoddy building were apparently behind the disaster.

So, it's back to the drawing board. However, the construction company has kindly offered to build a new bridge for no extra money.

Saves a lot of arguing and angst! — VNS

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