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Prisoner shows off life behind bars on Facebook

Update: September, 09/2014 - 09:18

A few days ago, a prisoner in Tan Lap Prison in the northern province of Phu Tho was found posting photos "showing off" his prison life on Facebook.

Nguyen Duc Hung, the young prisoner, still has five years to serve before his release, but he seems cheerful in his incarceration - a young man who knows how to enjoy life, no matter where he is. He posted an image of himself in a typical prison striped shirt as his profile photo.

Hung also posted many other photos of himself and cellmates in prison, where they seemed to be enjoying themselves, showing not a care in the world. They even took time off to show viewers how they tattoo themselves.

Unimpressed about life in a "holiday camp", prison officials later confiscated mobile phones from Hung and his cellmates. The phones had been used to access Facebook.

In addition, Hung was moved to a private cell where discipline is stricter. Some media sources say a police agency is considering punishing the jailer involved for allowing prisoners to use mobile phones.

Undaunted, the ever cheerful Hung updated everyone on his Facebook page, telling them he was going to be disciplined for three months. He even referred to a newspaper article about his case, apparently overjoyed at being even more infamous.

Hung is, indeed, a social-media addict. It was later reported that four months ago he was also disciplined for a similar violation.

Our hero, however, begs to differ. He says all he is trying to do is keep his family updated about life behind the walls.

Creative wedding invitations surprise guests

A marketing official with a computer company in Ha Noi recently staggered friends and acquaintances by sending them a wedding invitation threatening to punch them if they didn't show up.

In the invitation, which invited friends to the wedding on Wednesday, September 10, Le Phuong even reminded friends to bring "envelopes", the euphemism for the money guests hand to the wedding couple. The invitation also featured the image of a man kneeling down in front of his tough looking girlfriend, begging her to marry him.

In response to media questions, Phuong said he wanted to make the invitation humourous so that the wedding event would become more memorable. However, he admitted his father-in-law was so astonished at the invitation that he could not utter a word when he received it.

The father of the bride later said: "Modern days are so different."

Let's congratulate the bride and groom and hope that the invitees all show up with a big envelope. Otherwise, there's going to be a brawl!

Student performances spice up opening ceremonies

Opening ceremonies for the new academic year at most schools in Viet Nam are usually serious to the point of being solemn, even sleep-inducing.

A typical function includes lots of speeches and students committing themselves to a good performance.

This year, however, some schools have made efforts to make the ceremonies more entertaining.

The best attempt, perhaps, was at Le Thi Hong Gam High School in HCM City's District 3, where a sexy youngster in a revealing costume, delivered a pole dancing performance, sliding up and down like a pro.

Looks of surprise, even enjoyment, filled the room until it was discovered that the dancer was a mischievous male student with a sense of the ridiculous.

Of course, a video clip of the performance spread to the social media and triggered mixed feedback from the public. Educators and parents seemed most upset and the school had to later apologise for letting the performance take place.

Strangely, the school's management said they was not aware of the pole dance even though it took place in the school's grounds. Teachers also denied knowing anything about it until it was posted in social media.

In another high-profile, yet highly applauded performance, the principal of Ha Noi's Viet Duc High School last week took his students by surprise when he performed an energetic hip-hop dance on opening day.

However, this time, Nguyen Quoc Binh, the middle-aged principal, was cheered for trying to foster better relations with teenage students. — VNS

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