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A redefinition of waste

Update: July, 29/2014 - 10:14

One student has learned the meaning of being environmentally-friendly. Nguyen Bao Thy (not her real name) was walking her dog near Anh Sao Bridge in the city when it decided to relieve itself. Thy cleaned up the mess with napkins and put it in a nearby waste-bin.

Then, out of nowhere, a female environmental officer appeared and shouted at her, insisting that she could not put the dog's business in the bin.

When Thy argued back, the employee got on her high horse and demanded she remove the stools from the bin and throw them on the lawn. Thy refused, so the officer hit the poor girl on the head with a stick until she started bleeding. Thy's friends later had to take her to hospital for treatment.

Although police later dealt with the assailant, remember, the next time your pet does its business in the street, put them in your bag or you could get hurt!

Money from hell!

When Le Thi Thanh heard that Le Van Sy wanted to sell his house, she offered to buy it for VND4 billion (US$188,000). Attracted by the generous deal, Sy agreed.

Thanh then bought bundles of imitation dollars (Hell bank notes), which Vietnamese use for burning and "sending" to their ancestors in the afterlife. Around each bundle, she put real VND500,000 notes to make them look genuine.

After showing Sy the doctored bundles, Thanh said she needed the "money" for other things and asked if she could temporarily borrow VND200 million ($9,400). Sy kindly loaned her the money.

She even asked Sy to accompany her to the bank, where she pretended to withdraw VND1 billion. She then gave Sy the piles of fake money, telling him to put it away for her until she returned with full payment for the house.

Thanh didn't come back. And only when Sy checked the money did he find out it was mostly fake. Lucky for him, diligent police caught the sly conwoman. — VNS

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