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Smartphone, dumb councillor!

Update: July, 15/2014 - 09:27

Last Thursday, while the secretary of the HCM City People's Council meeting was reading a proposal to adjust allowances for police, a councillor was found concentrating on playing a game on his smart phone. Documents relating to the imminent vote were on his table, but they had been shoved under the phone.

The councillor sprang to life when the vote was finally called. One hand shot into the air to support the motion, the other stayed fiddling around with the buttons on his precious toy.

It appears that attending council meetings for some members is great time to relax, not to be bothered with issues of public concern.

Smartphone? Maybe!

Dumb councillor? Certainly!

Poisoned fruit by the truckload

A documentary film recently screened by Viet Nam Television has raised much public concern about the testing procedures for imported goods, particularly fruit from China.

At the border gate in the northern province of Lang Son, a food safety officer took 2kg of peaches randomly from a truckload of 10 tonnes. The samples were put in a fridge to wait for samples of other products for two days before being transported to Ha Noi for testing.

The test results are generally announced about 10 days after they arrive in the capital city.

Meanwhile, the truck transporting the peaches from China arrived in Ha Noi the same day and the peaches were sold and eaten by Vietnamese customers before the results were announced.

If the test showed that the peaches were full of deadly chemicals, what about the hundreds of people who ate the whole truckload?

Why do consumers have to wait so long for the test results?

The only people who seem to benefit from this upside down procedure are the people across the border - and their greedy cohorts on this side.

Not a Guinness record!

Last Saturday, 15 people were trapped in an elevator at a restaurant in HCM City's District 1. It took hours for authorities to rescue them by smashing in the glass door of the elevator.

An investigation revealed that the elevator could only accommodate 13 people with a total weight of 900kg. The 15 people trapped were apparently far too heavy for it to move.

Indeed, there is talk that they may even have to pay for the damage they caused.

So next time you hop into the lift, make sure you read the instructions on the wall first before using it. —VNS

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