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Certificate gets the nod

Update: July, 08/2014 - 10:08

A few days ago, Luu Anh Thu from Can Tho City's Binh Thuy District felt happy when she finally received a land-use-right certificate after taking many administrative procedures.

However, her happiness did not last long when she found that the certificate became valid in May, but expired on June 18 two years ago!

The mistake was probably made by a civil servant nodding off while trying to sort out yards of red tape!

Old lady sows confusion

Nguyen Thi Tham, 89, has asked authorised agencies to give her a birth certificate. The story begins when she felt her eyes were clouded and needed surgery. Her children quickly booked an operation for her at a local hospital of HCM City.

However, her children found that their mother's identification card, issued in 1979, had expired. Even so, it only showed the year she was born, not the day or month and probably would not have satisfied hospital authorities.

When the old lady was born in 1925, her mother did not get a birth certificate for her. She just remembered that she was born in 1925. In 1979, authorised agencies issued her with an ID card without demanding full details.

Like everyone else, the old lady would have received a new card with full information of day, month, and year when she was born, but only if she had showed authorised agencies her birth certificate.

But now, her only proof that she was born is that she still exists!

Life is a circus

I thought he was in a circus," my friend said to me yesterday morning while reading a newspaper and seeing a photo of a local man and his motorbike crossing a stream by rope and pulley in northern mountainous Yen Bai Province's Lao Village.

The villagers have used the pulley to cross the stream since late March. The stream is normally only about 50 metres in width, but becomes a raging torrent in the flood season.

The stream crossing scheme began when villagers saw builders working on irrigation, smoothly transporting building materials over the stream by pulley.

After they finished their work, the villagers asked the constructor to leave the pulley, which he kindly did.

Sung A Nu, a local resident said that thanks to the pulley, villagers can carry chickens, pigs, rice and maize from market to the village and vice versa.

"It also works for motorbikes and people," he said. "So convenient!"

Epic trip to fix old phone

A poor, 84-year-old farmer living in central Nghe An Province's Quy Chau District was happy to own his first mobile phone. Secondhand, it cost about VND200,000 (US$9).

The amount might be small to most people, but the old man had to save for many weeks before he had enough. However, his happiness lasted for only two days because the phone suddenly shut down.

The man decided to ride his old bicycle nearly 220km from his hometown to Thanh Hoa, a nearby province, where he could use a warranty and maintenance centre.

The ride took him about 22 hours. The centre, knowing the price of a good deed is happiness, gave him a brand new phone for his trouble. Finally, his dream to have a mobile phone comes true!

Dad is a genius!

Most people are happy to have beautiful children, but not one 28-year-old young mother in Ha Noi. When she gave birth to a handsome little boy, she was smothered in best wishes from friends, but her husband and her mother-in-law said nothing. They were quiet and even seemed a bit of unhappy.

The young mother, at first, was puzzled, but after a month or so, she realised most people were saying the boy looked like her and her mother. The father and his side of the family rarely got a mention.

If she had thought to say the boy seemed clever, like his Dad, the poor new Mum might have got herself off the hook! — VNS

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