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Mistaken identity

Update: December, 10/2013 - 09:55

If you ever take your child to a health centre to receive vitamin supplements, remember to check the tablets to make sure they're real vitamin A.

Vo Viet Hung, a nurse at the health centre in Cam Trung Commune in Cam Xuyen District in northern Ha Tinh Province, has been suspended because he mistakenly distributed bean seeds to children instead of vitamin tablets.

On December 1, after being informed by the commune's Health Centre that all local children from six-months to five-years would be given vitamin A, parents in Cam Trung commune took their children to the centre to receive their allocation.

At the centre, Hung gave bean-like tablets to all of the children. He even assured parents who expressed concerns about the tablet that they were high quality imports.

When some of the parents tasted the tablets, they found they were chewing on beans, so they called the local authority. Soon after, distribution of the vitamin tablets stopped.

Hung told the authority he had been given a package of vitamin A tablets by the health centre. He said he took it home and put it in his family's first-aid kit box. On December 1, he took the package from the box thinking it contained vitamins. But what he thought was a package of red coloured vitamin B tablets was actually a packet of red-brown beans that he had stored in the same first-aid kit.

Fortunately, all ended well. Apart from the scare, there were no bad consequences for the children who ate the beans. But don't try telling them to eat up all their beans because they are full of vitamins!

Facebook vanity strikes again

The word on the street has it that if you've committed any kind of crime, be wary of using Facebook.

Earlier this month, Da Nang City police arrested Pham Ly Vien, 25, from central Quang Nam Province and arrested him for questioning over a case of intentional assault.

In September, Vien and a group of friends apparently had a fight with another group in Tra Dong Commune of Quang Nam Province. Vien was reported to have used a knife and injured one person. He then left the commune to elude investigative police.

He later accepted work at a construction site at a resort on the Son Tra Peninsula under a fake name. Despite the caution, Vien's vanity eventually got the better of him. He asked some friends to take photos of him in the swish area - and then posted them on his Facebook account.

Police were knocking on his door in no time! Yet another Facebook addict bites the dust!

Night out with a ‘material girl'

When a person known simply as Q.A. posted a statement on Facebook last month mocking a boy for inviting her out with only VND100,000 (US$5) to pay for the night, she did not realise what she had stirred up. Her statement simply said: "Can't imagine there's a person who would bring only VND100,000 on a date these days." It later turned out that the girl had also invited a couple of friends along for the evening.

Most Facebookers screamed at the girl for being so materialistic. Q.A. later posted another statement saying she had taken along a couple of girlfriends on the first date, adding that: "Every Vietnamese girl would do the same."

The real problem was that the poor male didn't have enough money to pay for them all. Apparently he also didn't have enough sense to tell his companion that he was broke, despite asking her where she would like to go.

I guess, if Q.A. lived overseas, apart from being surprised at her date's poverty she would also be recovering from the shock of being asked to pay half the bill, as is the custom in many Western countries.

After the highly publicised incident, many restaurants leapt in to capitalise on the situtation by offering special packages for courting couples for only VND100,000. Well, at least, Q.A. gave them a new business idea! Her one-night stand is now probably able to afford a bevy of beautiful long-legged babes!

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