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Forgetful father loses son!

Update: December, 03/2013 - 10:58

My cousin jokingly reminded her husband before he took their four-year-old son to kindergarten that he should not leave the poor child at a petrol station.

The odd remark was made after online newspapers reported the story of an absent-minded father who left his five-year-old son at a petrol station in northern Hai Phong Province's An Duong District last Friday morning when he stopped to buy petrol.

In the afternoon, the father, Dinh Van Trung, went to the school to pick his son. When his son's teacher told him his son was absent without reason, Trung suddenly realised he had left his son at the petrol station.

Trung recalled that he had told his son to get off the motorbike so he could open the petrol tank. After filling up, he drove off forgetting to take his son with him.

The miserable boy was taken to a nearby police station shortly afterwards when local residents found him crying because his father had not come back.

The boy was too scared to tell his parents' names to the police. So police asked a radio and television station to broadcast a message about the lost child.

Trung raced to the petrol station where he was told that police were looking after his son - and had put out an urgent message on radio.

The forgetful father then sped to the station to be re-united with his bewildered, but happy child.

Exchange is no robbery

While Nguyen Van Hung, 45, living in coastal Binh Thuan Province, is married, he recently started seeing a married woman named Tran Thi Lan.

When his wife found out, she cried and begged him to stop. However, Hung ignored his wife's pleadings and continued his affair with Lan.

Hung even decided to divorce his wife to live with Lan. But his wife protested furiously. A similar thing happened to Lan. Her husband was totally opposed to demand for a divorce.

Despite strong opposition from their families' members, Hung and Lan finally hired an apartment and started living together.

In the meantime, Hung's wife and Lan's husband met each other several times to discuss how to get back together with their spouses. They became close and eventually fell in love.

Neighbours of the two couples were highly surprised to see Lan moving in with Hung; and Lan's husband moving in with Hung's wife.

Reports say both the "swapped" couples are happy!

Antique brings unwanted attention

After local antique hunters heard that Nguyen My Thuc owned a valuable ancient copper censer, he and his family feared being beaten –or even murdered – by robbers.

Constantly worried, the family in central Quang Ngai Province started tightly closing their door and not going out.

The story started when one antique hunter went to Thuc's house, saw the copper censer (used for burning incense) and offered him VND2 billion (US$94,700).

He refused to sell it, but dozens of people then flocked to his house to try to persuade him to sell the antique. One of them even offered up to VND300 billion (US$14.2 million).

Thuc, who says he bought the copper censer for only VND850,000 ($40) from a scrap dealer a few years ago, ended up hiding it in a place where sneaky eyes could not pry.

Sometimes, being rich just gives you more to worry about! — VNS

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