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Good day for Bad Samaritans

Update: October, 22/2013 - 10:13
Vu Truong Chinh, 42, from HCM City's Phu Nhuan District, last Wednesday rode his motorbike to a bank to deposit VND50 million (US$2,300) he carried in a large wad of VND500,000 ($23) bank notes in a pocket in his trousers.

However, when Chinh stopped at a red traffic light at the Ba Huyen Thanh Quan-Vo Van Tan intersection, four men on two motorbikes swooped on him from both sides and grabbed the money.

When Chinh tried to grab it back, the money flew all over the road. Despite his shouts for help to catch the bandits, many passers by picked up the money - and ran off instead of helping. The four crooks all escaped.

Chinh then returned to collect his money, but could find only VND30.5 million ($1,400) on the road. The remaining VND19.5 million ($920) had been taken by passers-by.

The incident not only destroys one's faith in human nature, it turns upside down the old biblical story about the Good Samaritan helping travellers on the road.

School principal receives lecture

Phan Van Toan, principal of Nguyen Huu Tho High School in the southern province of Long An's Ben Luc District, has been warned by the provincial Department of Education and Training about introducing irresponsible regulations at his school.

A departmental investigation revealed that students who wear rubber flip flops to school must cut them off. Presumably this leaves them barefooted for the day!

Moreover, students caught using mobile phones in class must turn them off and hand them to the school management board. They can get their phones back at the end of the school year.

But the most interesting new rule is one banning female students from wearing colourful panties. Those who offend are forced to go home and change. And no, we don't know how the teachers check.

Despite top marks for creativity, the principal has been told to drop all the regulations because the department says they are inappropriate.

The headmaster has also been ordered to apologise to parents of students who were chastised.

Pigs worth their weight in dong

Of all the strange jobs in the world, the one that requires women to hold pigs while the animals are weighed is one of the oddest.

At Ba Ren Market in the central province of Quang Nam's Que Xuan Commune, several women follow this unique career. The market, founded in 1970, sells more pigs than anywhere else in Viet Nam.

The job opportunity arose when farmers and buyers wanted to weigh the animals. If they tied their feet together or put them in a cage, the pigs would always struggle, getting scratched or injured - and losing value.

So the sellers decided it would be much more convenient if someone held the pig in their arms and then stood on the scales. The weight of the carrier could be deducted afterwards.

However, all pig holders are strong and healthy women. Each is paid VND500-1,000 (about two to four US cents) for every pig weighed. On average, each woman can earn VND20,000-40,000 (95 cents to $1.90) per day.

One robust lady, Nguyen Thi Yen, from Thang Binh District, said that the job was not easy as pigs were not only heavy, but also often covered in filth.

"The money I earn is not much, but I'm still happy as I can buy more rice or clothes and books for my children," said Yen. — VNS

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