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English couple buy pig in a poke

Update: October, 15/2013 - 10:23

When Janey Bryne, a receptionist in Lincolnshire County, England, brought home a cute little piglet called Meeka, she had no idea what a huge task she had taken on.

In 2009, Jayne and her husband forked out US$500 for the cute snorter, thinking that it was a "micro pig"- a miniature breed that normally does not grow bigger than a spaniel.

However, after six months, the piglet grew into a 107-kg monster - and is still growing. The couple have since learned that they were sold a pup, sorry, pig, to wit, a Vietnamese pot-bellied porker.

Although shocked by the discovery, Jayne and her husband refused to get rid of their pet. Last year they even bought another pig of the same breed so that their pet would have a friend.

The couple now spend nearly $160 a month to feed the two porkers. They also spend another $500 every three months hiring a groom to give the duo a toe-nail trim.

Dave and Janey may got their hands full now, but the situation is predicted to become as big as cinemascope because the pets still have about another year to grow.

For those interested in emulating the Lincolnshire couple, the pot-bellied pig is a breed of Vietnamese domesticated pig known for its size - and taste. Oops!

Close encounter of the absurd kind

A fake sex organ has helped an overseas Vietnamese escape from prosecution for child abuse in Can Tho City in the Mekong Delta.

Police said that Ngoc Te, 28, was arrested on August 2 while having sex with a local girl under the age of 16 in a hotel in Ninh Kieu District.

Te confessed to have lived with the girl in the hotel since the middle of July when he came back Viet Nam from Australia.

The man was held in custody after admitting that he had sex with the girl three times. However, while carrying out investigations into the case, the police heard that Te was not a man.

The Vietnamese Australian confessed that "he" was a she and used a "fake sex organ" made of silicone to have sex with the girl. To prove his statement, Te quickly revealed his genital apparatus.

Police confirmed that Te had undergone sex-change surgery in June, but her genitalia had not been changed. For this reason, he/she was fined only VND1.5 million (US$72) because the consensus was that "women cannot have sex with women".

Green activists branch out

Two middle-aged women in Ha Noi's Long Bien District last week showed their love for a beautiful old tree in Nguyen Van Cu Street by climbing it to prevent local authorities from axing it.

According to the authorities, trees likely to be uprooted during the stormy season are being cut down to ensure the safety of residents.

However, as they moved in, the two women suddenly appeared and quickly climbed the tree, taking water and bread with them in case their action was prolonged. They said they would not leave unless authorities promised to leave the tree alone.

The upshot of all this was that the authorities eventually axed the tree after persuading the ladies to climb down.

However, hundreds of passers-by found the sight of tree climbing women challenging the authorities a mesmerising sight. Cars and motorbikes blocked the road as the saga dragged on. —VNS

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