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Cat amongst the pigeons

Update: September, 10/2013 - 08:48

Inspectors from the HCM City Department of Health recently appeared without notice at the Apollo Clinic in District 1 to inspect operations. The clinic was reported to be using a team of unqualified Chinese doctors.

Talk about a cat amongst the pigeons!

When the inspectors suddenly appeared, the Chinese "doctors" in question are reported to have fled in all directions. Some pushed a cabinet aside in one room to reveal a hidden door. No goodbyes!

Others claiming to be doctors hid under beds in the clinic or managed to scarper up into the space between the ceiling and the roof. One doctor got into a toilet and locked the door.

However, within an hour, inspectors found all of them. Those hiding in the roof space eventually came down because they could not stand the heat.

Altogether, inspectors nabbed 12 Chinese working at the clinic - all with Chinese nationality. According to initial investigations, many lacked working licences or failed to possess proper professional qualifications.

While amusing, the patients who were "treated" are not laughing. Not only have they probably wasted their money, they may not qualify for any insurance payouts!

Advice to Good Samaritans

Two years ago, To Van Hoa, 24, was on his way back home to Dong Anh District's Nguyen Khe commune when he said he suddenly heard a noise.

When he turned around, he said he saw an old man had fallen off his bicycle. Hoa helped the man to his feet and then took him to hospital.

However, late last year, to his apparent surprise, Hoa was put in temporary detention for violating regulations on controlling means of road transport - in other words, driving dangerously.

According to police, Hoa was not only speeding, but they claimed he had hit the old man. The old man later died.

In July this year, Hoa was brought to trial at Dong Anh District's People's Court. However, the court found there were not enough evidence to charge him with any offences and asked for further investigations to be made.

Some children near the scene of the accident apparently told police the man had been hit by a motorcycle. Until the truth surfaces, there will be many drivers afraid to help traffic accident victims.

They are saying that if you want to be a good Samaritan and help someone injured on the road, make sure you have witnesses.

Don't judge a book by its cover

Some days ago, a colleague's sister was shocked to find that a school text book on the Vietnamese language for her seven-year-old daughter included many pages of maths exercises.

She only found out when flipping through the pages while preparing the child's books for the first day of school.

The mother became quite upset. She wonders why the publishing house didn't carefully check the book's contents after printing.

Books play an important role in directing children's thoughts and developing personality, particularly at an early age. What will they think about adult standards after being offered books with such glaring errors?

Incidentally, the publishing house made the same mistake over the same book in 2009 - and then fixed the problem for the 2010 version. However, it's now back to Square One.

Incidentally, the book was published by the Ha Noi-based Education University Publishing House for second grade students. Be warned! — VNS

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