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An official Fountain of Youth

Update: June, 11/2013 - 09:59

Nearly 15 kindergarten teachers in central Viet Nam have officially become four to six years younger than they really are. To prove it, the fact has been embellished on their documents by local authorities.

The aim of the move is to enable the teachers to work longer. In return, the teachers' working lives are longer and their benefits greater.

All important personal documents, such as birth certificates, graduation papers and identification cards, which include their birth-date, have been changed and certified by relevant authorities.

This has led to some odd situations. Some teachers can now claim to have started teaching when they were just 13 or 14 years. Some have become younger than their younger sisters and brothers.

No harm we suppose, but isn't there a less whacky way of helping these teachers? As teachers are among the first people to educate children about morality and life values, they should practices what they preach.

Grandpa, what big teeth you have!

A 90-year-old man in Ha Noi's Thach That District has suddenly sprung two jaws full of teeth six years after all his old ones dropped out.

The man, Nguyen Van Phuc, said he felt itching in his gums several months ago. When he touched them, something solid seemed to be there.

Phuc checked and found a young tooth in his mouth. Then, within a few weeks, dozens more began to appear.

Phuc switched to soup when his teeth fell out six years ago, but now, he can chew hard food, including chicken and vegetables. He also chews the ice in his drinks.

Although his new teeth are all not sparkling white, the elderly gent is delighted with his gift from god." One expert said it was a rare incident because most people had only two layers of teeth. Phuc seems to have three!

Abused workers go on strike

Hundreds of workers went on strike recently after being insulted by the boss of a textile and garment company in a central province. Workers had complained about the quality of the meals supplied by the company.

But the head lady in charge of the company shouted at them and yelled: "You are just countryside people, so why do you ask for delicious meals?" More than 600 workers immediately downed tools and walked out, demanding that she apologise.

The woman has two foreign degrees and is a local Labour Hero, but the workers say this does not give her the right to be so overbearing. This was the first time people have gone on strike after being referred to as hillbillies. The usual reason in Viet Nam is low pay.

Treated like garbage

A garbageman on Dong Da District's Cat Linh Street was angry when, a few minutes after he cleaned a lane, residents who are State officials threw big bags of rubbish out of their house. Rubbish was everywhere.

The "garbo" asked them not to litter, but the official said it was his job to clean up. He complains that this is not the first time such a thing has happened.

The hardworking men and women who cleanup Viet Nam's streets in all weather deserve praise, even medals, for their dedicated and efficient work. State officials could learn from them!

No nudity in the office

Whatever you do, don't go naked to the office - or wear "undies" in the park! No, no, no, no no!

A draft decree, abandoned, fortunately, at the last minute this week, stated that people who were nude or wore "undies" in public places or inside State agencies and political, economic and social organisations would be fined VND100-200,000 (US$4.8-9.5).

The proposed decree was made by the Ministry of Public Security - and quickly withdrawn when the smiles turned to laughter.

Some comedians commented that if the draft had been ratified, police would have needed special training in, er, undies, panties and other unmentionables.

Our spies report that even the threat of such a ban has cut the incidents of public nudity and improper office wear down by 100 per cent! But would someone please explain how the idea got to the draft stage in the first place? — VNS

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