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Little green men not so smart

Update: December, 18/2012 - 09:41


An unidentified flying object, UFO, was reportedly spotted in the skies above Hoang Ha Commune in Hoang Hoa District in northern central Thanh Hoa Province on December 9.

The news was spread by a young village man named Le Khac Dat on his Facebook. It included a clear image allegedly taken with Dat's cellphone. It immediately received attention from far and wide, especially from media people in Ha Noi, about 400km far away.

In his talks with the media, Dat said that he suddenly became aware of the object while leisurely taking photos of the local scenery. He swears he did not enhance the image via photoshop or with any other technological support.

The media reluctantly accepted his explanation, though they failed to find anyone else in the locality who had also seen the object. Local people became excited when they heard the news. Many believed the UFO had paid them a visit, although, unfortunately, none of them saw it in person.

Those familiar with the Internet were sceptical. They said they knew for sure that the image was fake, given that images can easily be downloaded from the Internet and grafted onto a picture with a local setting.

When Viet Nam News called commune authorities yesterday, they said it had finally emerged that Dat had used a tool on his smartphone to make the image. What a pity. All hope of some inter-galactical FDI (foreign direct investment) disappeared in a flash!

Offer of free coffee for tall girls backfires

Girls over 1.65cm could, until the other day, get a free coffee when they bought two at a Gloria Jean's coffee shop at a HCM City trading centre. The promo was published by the Australian-based company on its Facebook fanpage on December 9 and applied from December 12 to January 12.

The ad claimed that the company was making the offer to publicise an official Vietnamese plan to raise the average height of Vietnamese people to 1.65cm over the next 10 years.

The idea was immediately rejected by social networkers, who were angry that the company had tried to cash in on the diminutive height of many Vietnamese women. Many blame their smaller stature on generations of hunger under colonial rule and during more than 20 years of wars. They felt it was unfair to try and cash in on the issue by drawing attention to an unknown, expensive product that had nothing to do with height.

Shortly after the public outrage, the company cancelled its promotion with an apology to those who had been offended. However, as they say in the classics, there is no such thing as bad publicity. The ad has at least made the company's name more widely known.

How mean can you get?

A 75-year-old woman was happy when a stranger offered to walk with her down the street in her home village in Quang Vinh Commune in central Thua Thien Hue Province. The companion, aged in her mid 30s, was sympathetic as the old lady prattled on about her financial difficulties.

The young woman then offered her walking companion VND10,000 (US$0.4). She even pushed the money into the old woman's pocket.

Then, in a wink, the donor took off, running at full speed. The startled old lady put her hand in her pocket only to find her purse had gone, together with VND1.5 million ($72) and two taels of gold, worth about $4,500. The money and gold were all the savings she had in her old age.

The young woman, later identified by police as Vo Thi Quynh Linh, from Phu Hiep Ward of Hue City, was seized by local police when she reportedly tried the same ruse on another person. Lesson to be learn: Not all strangers are Good Samaratins.

PS: The really good news, though, is that, according to police, they found the little old lady's gold and money and will return it to her in a few days. — VNS

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