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Thanks for nothing!

Update: August, 14/2012 - 09:07


Dozens of families of the martyrs and war invalids in southern Ben Tre City recently received free traditional medicine from Tran Van An Hospital. But there was a problem: the concoctions were well past their use-by date.

The medicine was given to them to mark Martyrs and War Invalids Day, a time to express gratitude to those devoted to the country's revolution. However, after two or three doses of the medicine, mainly for treating coughs, constipation and liver-related diseases, the patients became tired and listless. When they checked, they found that the medicine was old.

The hospital willingly accepted all the medicine back and asked those who had taken it to have a health check-up – again. A hospital official said the medicine had been checked before it was given to patients, who later found that some bottles had two labels – one with a later expiry date stuck over another with a much older date. The official admitted the hospital had made a mistake, but said that thankfully, little harm had been caused.

This is not the first time stale products have been offered to the deprived people.

As they say in the classics, thanks for nothing!

Undulations at 10,000 metres

A low-cost airline in Viet Nam has set tongues as well as wings flapping by holding a sexy dance show down one of the aisles after the plane took off. The performance marked the opening of a new flight route by the airline and it certainly pleased some of the younger males.

However, many felt the show was a bit risque for older passengers and children. The hips of the sexy, bare-navelled dancers undulated in a hula-hula dance for only three minutes but, in reality, they will be swinging in the minds of many for much longer.

The airline made sure of this by allowing passengers to record the event on their mobile phones even though the plane was still in flight. This would usually be strictly forbidden because of possible interference with the plane's navigation equipment.

However, the show went on to become a national first in the air-space over this generally rather sedate nation. It was certainly a first for the airline. and the hula dancers. And Viet Nam Aviation Department also recorded a first by fining the airline VND20 million (US$952) for holding an event during travel time without getting a licence from the department.

According to the deputy head of the department, Lai Xuan Thanh, this is a precaution to protect the safety of the plane and passengers, especially as it was such an "unusual event." Did we mention the girls were also wearing bikinis? The queue starts here.

Freaky coach rides

in parts of national highways, the speed limit for passenger coaches is 60kmh but drivers often rip along at 100-120 kmh. Speeding is the cause of many, many accidents in Viet Nam and, like in Western countries, has led to the appearance of speed-gun radars to nail violators.

However, again like in the West, many cunning drivers have developed a code to notify other drivers that speed guns are in the vicinity. As two coaches pass each other in opposite directions, the drivers turn their front lights on and off – or point their fingers down to imply that there are police in the area. When drivers give a gentle wave, it means no police around, no speed guns – so keep speeding.

In a journey from HCM City to central Binh Thuan Province, some passengers told the driver they were scared by his reckless driving and warned that police with speed guns could be around. However, in response, the driver proudly showed his alarmed passengers equipment that could detect speed guns from a distance, reported Nguoi Dua Tin (The Messenger) newspaper.

A driver on north–south route, reportedly named Trung Tuan, told the newspaper that with the equipment, which cost about $100-250, drivers can get timely warnings about police speed guns and then, accordingly, slow down.

Moreover, Tuan said that some equipment could actually de-activate the speed-gun's signal, making its registrations disappear. This may all be good news for the lunatics who think that speeding can keep them on schedule, but of course they are not going to pay the bills for any passengers who are injured or die.

The easiest solution of course, is to go by train. — VNS

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