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Fathers don't always know best

Update: March, 06/2012 - 08:57


Nineteen-year-old Nguyen Thi Xuan Thuy has asked local authorities in Can Tho City's Cai Rang District to intervene after her family found out that her estranged husband, Nguyen Phuc Duy, was about to marry another woman.

On Duy's second wedding day last month, Thuy's family even went along and presented a wedding photo of Thuy and Duy in the middle of the party at the new bride's house.

Thuy said Duy's wedding to another woman caught her completely by surprise, despite the fact the couple argued bitterly a month after their wedding. She has been living at her parents' house since then.

Thuy recalls that three years ago, Duy's father and her father arranged for them to marry without asking them first. Conforming to their parent's wishes, the couple got hitched at a big ceremony at the beginning of last year, months before Thuy graduated from high school.

However, just days after the big wedding, the groom accused her of having lost her virginity to another man on the grounds of a sex-tape video on the internet whose female character looked much like his new bride.

For her part, Thuy insisted that Duy was her first man because the first time they had sex there was blood on the sheets – generally considered as proof of virginity.

The husband, however, refuses to concede and says he no longer wants to live with her. What's more disturbing, is that all his decisions are fully supported by his father. Dad claims Thuy is making a big fuss about all of this because she is a "gold-digger" rather than a woman trying to win her man back.

Police who have checked the video support Thuy's story. They say that she is not the girl in the sex drama.

They have further discovered that at the time of marriage, Thuy was only 17 and so the marriage was not legal. This was the reason no marriage papers were signed after the first wedding.

Oh dear!

Anti-corruption official exposed

Throughout the world, wedding guests present gifts to the newly wedded couple to express their best wishes. However, in Viet Nam nowadays, cash gifts have become the norm.

There is no limit on the amount given. It depends on the relationship between the guests and the hosts. But some guests take advantage of the occasion to curry favour with the family.

So, people can be critical when officials from provincial agencies print their own titles on wedding invitations for their children. A recent case is Nguyen Thanh Hoang, deputy chief of Vinh Long Province People's Committee in the Mekong Delta printed his title and position on his son's wedding invitation. This sparked concerns from community residents who queried whether the wedding invitation was a subtle reminder to attend the wedding – with a suitably large cash gift.

Hoang replied that there was no hidden agenda and that he used his title purely to distinguish him from others. However, it's hard to swallow his story because his was not the first case that has come under media scrutiny.

Before him, Nguyen Hung Dung, deputy head of Can Tho City Anti-Corruption Standing Committee, was warned by the People's Committee for similarly flaunting his position on his son's wedding invitation in September.

Good wishes by the million

There was a third wedding recently that would make many people's hair curl! Residents in Son Tay Town in central Ha Tinh province's Huong Son District will never forget the event on this year's leap day, February 29.

Excited crowds queued up to watch a long line of about 100 Audis, Mercedes and other luxury cars escort the bride from Ha Noi to the reception venue. The 43-year-old single mother of the groom, Nguyen Thi Lieu, invited about 4,000 guests to a reception loaded with glorious food and an endless supply of imported wine. Highlight of the party was the appearance of the biggest vocalists in Viet Nam showbiz who sang to a cheering crowd.

While some people said the whole thing was a waste of money and typical of the nouveau riche, Lieu said she didn't want her son to have a difficult life like she had. Total cost of the whole extravaganza is rumoured to have been VND50 billion, equal to US$2.34 million.

Lieu revealed her own wedding gift was a house in Ha Noi worth VND130 billion (US$6.19 million). Money may indeed grow on trees! — VNS

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