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The price of friendship

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Tran Tuan was in love with Nguyen Lan and wanted to marry her, although she already had a child to a different man.

To convince his family to accept their marriage, Tuan told his parents that he was the biological father. His family, however, doubted his word and asked Tuan and the child to have DNA tests to prove it.

Tuan then sought help from a friend, named Hai, who was married and had a son. He proposed that Hai and Hai's son make a DNA genetic test under the names of Tuan and his girlfriend's son.

All were 100 per cent sure the test would solve Tuan's problem and that the wedding bells would ring.

But Tuan may have to try another ploy. When the test result came, Hai was shocked to find he was not the father of his "own" son!

Wedding bells may eventually ring for Tuan - if he can find a young couple who have been faithful to each other.

But poor old Hai is still recovering from his gift of friendship.

The joys of marriage

Vietnamese husbands and wives often share each other everything. They share money for their children and other family needs. So they often consult their partner when they want to spend on something big.

A man in HCM City went to police to report that a burglar had broken into his house and stolen his cash box. His wife gave him the news after he came home.

The man was distraught that not only was nearly VND1 billion (US$48,000) missing, but that someone had even dared to force their way into his home. His wife helped him look for the thief.

After days of investigation, the police said that, according to what they had been told, his wife could have been the culprit because there was just her at home at the time.

Finally, the woman admitted that she had lost more than VND1 billion playing an illegal lottery. Frightened by the scale of the debt, she said she stole VND1.2 billion ($57,000) from not only her husband's cash box, but also her husband's brother who is living next door.

She admitted telling two assistants from her cosmetics' shop to take the cash boxes to her family in southern Binh Duong Province.

She and several other people were arrested and the money was returned. But how the marriage will fare is a different matter. According to criminal law, she will face a prison sentence, although many wives think that there's nothing wrong in stealing from one's own husband.

Maybe, maybe not, but the real crime may have been lying to police. Oi gioi oi!

Making a fortune

Many people believe in fortune tellers, despite an ancient Buddhist injunction to avoid them, especially those who hang around pagodas. Superstitious hopefuls spend millions of dong buying big trays of offerings to ask for happiness - and money, money, money. And they will pay exorbitant amounts in the expectation that prosperity will follow.

A Ha Noi woman went to Vinh Phuc Province after the Tet celebrations to visit a fortune teller,Thu, who her colleagues said was one of the best. The fortune teller patiently painted her nails as many visitors waited.

After she had touched up her appearance, Thu started tossing a coin in the air and judging the way it fell. She "revealed" Huong would encounter bad luck, her husband would commit adultery, and worse, they would eventually get divorced.

The teller's words certainly worried the superstitious Huong. However, Thu also said that she could help them overcome the impending misforune.

Huong was told to burn incense and prepare a big tray of offerings and money and give it to the fortune teller. The cost was VND40 million (US$1,900). Huong did as advised, but could only raise VND3 million ($143).

A day or two later, after listening to his wife's story, Huong's husband went to meet the fortune teller on his own without letting her who he was.

He was told he would get married late and would be childless unless he prepared a big tray of offerings at a cost of $1,000.

He couldn't afford, of course. And the couple have two children already.

It would seem that the best good fortune comes to those who keep their money in their pocket. — VNS

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