A rare opportunity to own King Palace – “Where Kings live”

Rarely is there a project where during 36 months, customers do not have to pay a single interest rate with a loan package up to 65 per cent value of the apartment and discount up to 16.9 per cent value of the apartment if the customer pay by their own capital. These are just two of the many attractive sale policies that King Place luxury apartment project offers to future owners.

The 0% interest rate for 36 months loan or 16.9 per cent discount on the apartment value with attractive housewarming gifts

King Palace is becoming the focus of the real estate market for its unique position on the "golden road" Nguyễn Trãi – the route for decades has been considered the lifeblood and an area with rapid economic development in the capital city of Hà Nội. Including 410 apartments ranging in size from 82-259sq.m designed in European royal style, meticulous in every detail, King Palace was honoured by the prestigious Dot Property Awards 2019 as the "Best Apartment Architectural Design Việt Nam". Its five-star utility system and world-class services could satisfy the most fastidious future "Kings".

King Palace not only wins over customers with these elements, but it also becomes even more appealing with many attractive sale policies.

King Palace was honored by the prestigious Dot Property Awards 2019 "Best Apartment Architectural Design Vietnam."

King Palace was honoured by the prestigious Dot Property Awards 2019 as the "Best Apartment Architectural Design Việt Nam"

Accordingly, homebuyers are entitled to a loan package of 0 per cent interest rate during 36 months for 65 per cent value of the apartment, and the grace period for principal will last until the house is handed over with the maximum loan term of up to 12 years. Customers only need to pay a 35 per cent value of the apartment in advance to be able to become the owner of a luxury apartment at King Palace.

Typically, the 0 per cent interest rate support for real estate projects lasts from 12 to 24 months. But for King Palace – a project that is dedicated to business customers who are real "Kings" at the banks – thus the extension of 0 per cent interest on loan that up to 36 months is understandable. With this policy, King Palace's upper-class customers can use their financial resources for business and other profitable business investments instead.

In case customers do not use the interest rate support package, payment by own capital will be entitled to many incentives such as immediate discount of 16.9 per cent according to the payment schedule (in which the ordinary discount is 13.9 per cent and add 3 per cent if guests do not receive furniture package for the apartment) and many other attractive housewarming gifts.

With vibrant real estate market at the end of the year – mainly because of the Vietnamese mindset of "buying houses to welcome Tet" – the preferential rate offered by Hoa Anh Đào Real Estate Joint Stock Company is really rare. Accordingly, with the initial VNĐ1.4 billion (US$60,500), customers can move in and become the owner of a luxury apartment of 105sq.m that worth VNĐ4 billion ($173,000). The remaining amount will be entitled to a 0% interest rate for 3 years. For customers who can pay 95 per cent value of the apartment early or on schedule with their own capital, they are eligible to receive an immediate discount on the apartment value to nearly VNĐ700 million ($30,000) (equivalent to 16.9 per cent of the VNĐ4 billion apartment). That shows, owning an apartment at King Palace at this time is a good opportunity for home buyers.

King Palace - a "peaceful" place that creates the "kings of happiness"

Hà Nội’s streets in the time of integration can be boisterous with many cars, motorbikes, dust, especially with the fine dust index is always at a high level, putting in people in the state of constant anxiety. Thus, some may choose to get away from that noise and pollution by moving to the suburbs. But these places also get disrupted by the dense operation of industrial parks and production facilities. So, where is the peaceful place that they can call home?

The system of utilities and 5-star quality services of world-class

Five-star utility system and world-class services

As it’s often said in Việt Nam: "Having somewhere to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a blessing". King Palace is an apartment complex that creates the "kings of happiness". Happiness is attained when they can feel peace of mind.

Living space reserved only for the "kings" at King Palace

At King Palace, safety is ensured with fresh air circulating throughout the rooms and Ales Shiquy – a line of Kansai Paint – which are antibacterial and anti-virus, able to clean air, retain moisture, absorb gas, limit carbon dioxide, and are highly fire-resistant. Not only that, King Palace is also equipped with the most intelligent synchronous Building Management System (BMS), allowing the control and management of all systems in the building: Clean water system for the entire building, central air-conditioning for each room, environmental warning, security, fire prevention and fighting, water supply,... The operation of these systems will be optimised, ensuring absolute safety for all residents.

King Palace expects to welcome the "Kings" to arrive at their new homes in May 2020.


For more information about King Palace project, please contact:

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King Palace – “Where Kings live”

Address: 108 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội

Website: www.kingpalacehanoi.vn