Luong Street was short and narrow. It originated from a major avenue that was always crowded with pedestrians and vehicles, then turned into a rugged blue stone-paved path to the bank of a big canal spanned by a curved ferro-concrete bridge. In the water, the bridge's reflection was surrounded by water hyacinths.
In early December two years ago, my neighbour Mr. Cang, who was the president of a hardware company, brought home a 30-year-old woman with a swollen face and black circles around her eyes.
The youth stared at the half-consumed cigarette on his terracotta ashtray. Its smoke was slowly curling upwards before vanishing into the air. "Is that an illustration of my fate in the months to come?" he whispered to himself. "After I turn thirty-five, my existence will go downhill like this cigarette. In a few minutes, it will be ash."
In the past, my paternal grandfather was very poor, so poor that he had to leave the village to earn a living in Dong Bang in Son Tay Province. Actually, the land of Son Tay was not more fertile than the land in my home village.
Little Lat was lying flat on the ground, crying loudly and flailing his arms and legs wildly as if he were practising swimming. The reason was rather simple: he was ravenous. Meanwhile, his elder brother Luom was sitting against the wall, staring at the rough footpath between two rows of stone graves in the Chinese cemetery.
The boy had strangely bright eyes. We did not know whose family he belonged to. We found him on a survey mission and he kept following us. Hoang asked his name, but he only smiled, shaking his head.
For another Autumn
My father got dead drunk and was reeling home, speaking rubbish for the whole night. My house was so small that it could fit only two beds. Mother knew what Father would do to her when he was drunk. He was going to beat her black and blue.
The 40-year-old Lady's Dream
At the age of forty, I still liked to be seen as an ageless lady. "Mad! Liar!" I imagined people would say if they knew. You could possibly call me mad - but a liar? Not really! I was a psychologist, so why would I need anyone else to diagnose me?
A farewell in the mirror on an uninhabited island
She and I would say farewell. That was why we were having dinner together. She sent me a text message: "Let's eat together tonight. I have something to tell you. Something important."
The scorching June sun made the surface of the asphalt road seem to melt in a dim wisp of vapour which was flickering up slightly. Even our wooden plank bed was too hot for me to lie down on. On such a day I usually hung my grandfather's hammock on two strong branches of the sapodilla tree at the end of the veranda to enjoy the cool fresh air from the river nearby.
At age eight, I was given a good hiding by Father because I had left the buffalo hungry and tried to get near a classroom. When I was 10, I was given another good hiding because I had helped a boy next door solve a problem. For women and girls in my family, being literate was a sin.


PM's India visit to bolster strategic ties 4    PM's India visit to bolster strategic ties

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung begins an official visit to India today, aiming to consolidate the strategic partnership between both countries and take it to new heights.

Law to ease real estate restrictions 1    Law to ease real estate restrictions

Most National Assembly members yesterday agreed that the amended Housing Law should allow more foreigners to be eligible to buy or own houses in Viet Nam.

National team in training ahead of AFC challenge 1    National team in training ahead of AFC challenge

The Japanese coach of Viet Nam's national football team, Toshyia Miura, says that fitness and tactics will be his priorities in a 10-day training camp in the southern province of Binh Duong.

Bear bile tourism shuts down in Ha Long Bear bile tourism shuts down in Ha Long

Bear bile tourism in the northern province of Quang Ninh's Ha Long City has finally been shut down, according to the non-governmental organisation Education for Nature – Viet Nam (ENV).

Artist restores traditional values through paper Artist restores traditional values through paper

Artist Phan Hai Bang, who created a very special type of paper called truc chi, is now working with his team to bring back what he calls "old values" in a really big way.