A Magical Moon
We were the sappers stationed on Ngam Pass. We had to bear the rain of enemy bombs throughout the night. When the raids were over, we started to mend the road until day broke.
From the first day of the Lunar New Year to the fifteenth, her plate of cakes for visitors had been stayed untouched. That made her remember the hard time in her childhood when she had only dreamt of eating sweet things to her heart's content.
Artist Thanh Doan looked up at the dark foliage and listened to the cracking sound of rubber tree fruits. Sunlight shone through the thin layer of leaves onto the ground, creating a fan-shaped light. A wierd scene caught his attention.
I drove the herd of goats to the hill fully covered with wild, sweet-smelling flowers. Under their feet, the torn purplish white blossoms fell abundantly while they grazed on them. Loitering here and there, I found my heart heavy with sorrow.
The Hole We Are In
In my mind I pictured the river with Tri's motorised boat. Tri and his boat were something on my conscience. Tri made his boat, which was like the main character in a tragedy play. It was like an old leaf, so delicate, but the man was more than that.
At the age of twenty Duong looked fairly handsome, with a fresh complexion and gentle manners. Besides, he was always decently-dressed. Surprisingly, as a clever bricklayer, he usually succeeded in keeping fit and clean – even at work.
A Wallet
He jogged every morning. He did not do it for health or for fun. Until half a year ago, every morning, it was the time he got up and took his daughter to school.
When they grew up, they managed to find good jobs and had their own families and were soon provided with accommodation, so their living conditions improved considerably.
In the heady bouquet of Ba Than rice wine, a Phong Dien District specialty, Mr Hien, slightly tipsy, was holding forth on the ins and outs of the miracle, and the dozen or so listeners sitting around were very afraid. A few, who were still skeptical, were amazed at his storytelling skills and listening with their mouths open.
She was blessed with a good singing voice. But I knew she did not like singing when she was small. She only sang sometimes at parties with friends.
It was mid-June. The forecast for the day was over 37 degrees Centigrade for most of the region. In Binh Lang City, it was rather stuffy. Curiously, its small Cao Street seemed to belong to another world: hazy sunshine in the beginning of autumn. Sometimes, early in the morning, a cool breeze coming from the mountains swept over the city and made people wear warm clothes.


VN smartphone hits shops 1    VN smartphone hits shops

Bkav Corporation yesterday launched the first made-in-Vietnam smartphone, Bphone, which was in development for more than four years.

CAAV plan seeks to tighten baggage security 2    CAAV plan seeks to tighten baggage security

The Civil Aviation Administration of Viet Nam (CAAV) has issued a plan for better management and prevention of theft of passengers' baggage and cargo, and to ensure aviation security.

Son makes Dad prize wheelchair 1    Son makes Dad prize wheelchair

Le Van Hoa works through his lunchtime at a workshop at the Hue College of Industry every day, despite the extreme heat. He is finalising an electric wheelchair designed for his father who was paralysed in a motorbike accident 12 years ago.

US show to shoot secret cave special 1    US show to shoot secret cave special

The American television network ABC (American Broadcasting Company) will make a live broadcast of a Good Morning America programme featuring one Viet Nam's natural wonders.

Prime Minister awards merit certificate to swimmer Vien 1    Prime Minister awards merit certificate to swimmer Vien

Nguyen Thi Anh Vien received a Labour Order third class, and a merit certificate from Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on Monday.