The girl and I rode a bicycle up a hill and then downhill, turning right to where there was a hill of pine trees. We got into a lane running between the lush green pine trees.
Walking by her side was little Y, who sold passers-by lottery tickets to earn money. In wrinkled clothes with unkempt hair, they elbowed their way through the crowd.
He crawled again along the bed of sweet potatoes to see if there was any bamboo cylinder left, even though he had only a glimmer of hope. Without water, those children would die.
Ngon was then very interested in football. As a skilled player, he was encouraged to indulge in narcotics after each hard match to regain his strength. Gradually, he and three other young players on his team, all coming from decent families, became victims of addiction.
Living in a faraway land, whenever I missed her, her sullen face immediately cropped up in my mind. However, I never had time for a noontime nap to send a dream to her.
A ridiculous idea came into Huan's head: in order to get around easily in this city, he would need a compass. Whenever he went to his office or returned home, he got lost amid the high-rises.
Out of love
She forced him to sit down on the bed. Then she gently rolled up his trouser leg and bandaged his knee, adjusting the artificial joint carefully. Sau Tam saw a tear fall right on the injured knee and he felt a burning sensation there.
Luong Street was short and narrow. It originated from a major avenue that was always crowded with pedestrians and vehicles, then turned into a rugged blue stone-paved path to the bank of a big canal spanned by a curved ferro-concrete bridge. In the water, the bridge's reflection was surrounded by water hyacinths.
In early December two years ago, my neighbour Mr. Cang, who was the president of a hardware company, brought home a 30-year-old woman with a swollen face and black circles around her eyes.
The youth stared at the half-consumed cigarette on his terracotta ashtray. Its smoke was slowly curling upwards before vanishing into the air. "Is that an illustration of my fate in the months to come?" he whispered to himself. "After I turn thirty-five, my existence will go downhill like this cigarette. In a few minutes, it will be ash."
In the past, my paternal grandfather was very poor, so poor that he had to leave the village to earn a living in Dong Bang in Son Tay Province. Actually, the land of Son Tay was not more fertile than the land in my home village.


HCM City struggles to control influx of substandard produce 1    HCM City struggles to control influx of substandard produce

High demand for farm produce and the sheer variety of ways in which it is brought into HCM City from other localities makes quality control a very difficult task, officials say.

Hoi An hosts silken rendezvous Hoi An hosts silken rendezvous

Top craftsmen and women from seven silk villages in Viet Nam will participate in the Viet Nam Silk Culture Day at Hoi An city's Silk Village centre on December 28.

Local art smashes auction record Local art smashes auction record

Days after noted Vietnamese artist Le Pho's View from the Hilltop set a new auction record, art collector Nguyen Minh still has a lingering feeling of regret.

Long Bien Bridge preservation divides planners 2    Long Bien Bridge preservation divides planners

Architecture and cultural managers discussed Long Bien Bridge's future at a seminar held on Wednesday in Ha Noi.

Malaysia crush VN in AFF semis Malaysia crush VN in AFF semis

Viet Nam suffered a nightmare yesterday at My Dinh Stadium in Ha Noi as they were knocked out of the ASEAN Football Federation-Suzuki Cup.