Reaching our condo drive, instead of parking my vehicle inside the garage, I headed straight for my hometown to stay away from our small apartment in the huge concrete high-rise. I wanted to avoid the lonely situation that had reigned over our place for many days on end.
For many nights, the thinking had suddenly wakened him up from the feeling that he was floating, and he stayed wide awake right after that, even some time through to the next night.
A writ
When N opened the letter box, he found it lying amid some newspapers. It read: "A writ will arrive in a few days. Get ready!" Seeing her husbands dejected face, his wife, who was sweeping the floor, asked:
Finally, spring passed rapidly. The light green tender buds began turning darker. The last yellow leaves were gently floating down to the ground. A hot gust of Laotian wind started to blow over the high mountain range into the Vietnamese lowlands.
Eye of the storm
It got dark quite early. The news about the storm was still on the radio. The bonze and Sang had dinner earlier than usual. The praying also happened earlier.
Under these circumstances, he was filled with rage. To the best of his knowledge, most of his compatriots only thought of their own way of living: to get rich, then increase their initial capital by up to three or four times.
Round about the way
Xuan loved Hoa more than a mother. Xuan knew that it was not a good comparison, but she loved to think about it in that way. Hoa insisted that her mother not come over to her or organise a wedding for her at home. She did not even send her mother a photo of her future husband.
Coc Xa were the last two words in Antoine's diary, which Madame Jacqueline handed over to Ham, the elderly guide of the French tour group. They indicated a far-away locality in northern Viet Nam where a crucial fight between the Vietnamese and French forces took place over forty years ago.
The girl and I rode a bicycle up a hill and then downhill, turning right to where there was a hill of pine trees. We got into a lane running between the lush green pine trees.
Walking by her side was little Y, who sold passers-by lottery tickets to earn money. In wrinkled clothes with unkempt hair, they elbowed their way through the crowd.
He crawled again along the bed of sweet potatoes to see if there was any bamboo cylinder left, even though he had only a glimmer of hope. Without water, those children would die.


Confiscated bikes set for charity sale Confiscated bikes set for charity sale

The National Traffic Safety Committee plans to sell motorbikes and bicycles driving on expressways that have been banned for their use.

Cycling race escort dies in accident Cycling race escort dies in accident

A member of a motorbike escort group for the Binh Duong Open International Women's Bike Race died yesterday after being hit by a motorbike tour group.

Vietnamese cuisine book journeys out of 5-star resort's kitchen Vietnamese cuisine book journeys out of 5-star resort's kitchen

The five-star Furama Resort has released a 120-page cookbook titled A Journey Through Viet Nam's Cuisine, featuring recipes from the resort's culinary library.

HCM City youth call on banks, firms to stop funding fossil fuels HCM City youth call on banks, firms to stop funding fossil fuels

A series of activities on climate change and energy have been launched by Viet Nam aimed at raising people's awareness about the threat of a carbon bubble.

Da Nang to teach archipelago history Da Nang to teach archipelago history

The history of Da Nang and its relationship with the Hoang Sa Archipelago (Paracel Islands) will be introduced into the curricula at secondary and high schools in the central coastal city this year, officials have announced.