This small place was used as a studio, a bedroom and a kitchen for three people: Lan, Hanh and her first-grade son Chung. Hanh woke up under her thick cotton blanket.
The Quan Ho Love Duet Singer
We got out of the car at the provincial capital's bus station at dusk. Teachers and students laden with pots, pans, rice and other foods trudged to a village 10 km away.
The 30m-long bus, with passengers packed together like sardines, was inching forward by fits and starts as it made its way along the road during rush hour, before crossing the flyover to enter the inner city.
It was first light in the morning. The dogs were barking deafeningly. Diem got up suddenly and looked out of the canvas tent. There were two dogs. One was black and the other cowhide-colored. She heard someone shouting:
When Mr An passed away my wife cried her heart out. As for me, although I was just an outsider, I had to lean against a pillar, eyes brimming with tears. My heart sank with pity.
A Magical Moon
We were the sappers stationed on Ngam Pass. We had to bear the rain of enemy bombs throughout the night. When the raids were over, we started to mend the road until day broke.
From the first day of the Lunar New Year to the fifteenth, her plate of cakes for visitors had been stayed untouched. That made her remember the hard time in her childhood when she had only dreamt of eating sweet things to her heart's content.
Artist Thanh Doan looked up at the dark foliage and listened to the cracking sound of rubber tree fruits. Sunlight shone through the thin layer of leaves onto the ground, creating a fan-shaped light. A wierd scene caught his attention.
I drove the herd of goats to the hill fully covered with wild, sweet-smelling flowers. Under their feet, the torn purplish white blossoms fell abundantly while they grazed on them. Loitering here and there, I found my heart heavy with sorrow.
The Hole We Are In
In my mind I pictured the river with Tri's motorised boat. Tri and his boat were something on my conscience. Tri made his boat, which was like the main character in a tragedy play. It was like an old leaf, so delicate, but the man was more than that.
At the age of twenty Duong looked fairly handsome, with a fresh complexion and gentle manners. Besides, he was always decently-dressed. Surprisingly, as a clever bricklayer, he usually succeeded in keeping fit and clean – even at work.


Ha Noi hospital-goers beat heat with free water 1    Ha Noi hospital-goers beat heat with free water

By the time Nguyen Thi Thung, grey-haired and sporting traditional ba ba brown clothes, stops her motorbike near the gates of Ha Noi Cancer Hospital, patients, relatives and street vendors holding empty bottles are already queued up.

Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane

The national flagship carrier Vietnam Airlines held a ceremony on July 2 to receive its first Airbus 350-900 aircraft and announce its upgrade service quality programme and new brand identifying system, marking a major step in bringing the airline into the international arena.

Prime Minister awards merit certificate to swimmer Vien 1    Prime Minister awards merit certificate to swimmer Vien

Nguyen Thi Anh Vien received a Labour Order third class, and a merit certificate from Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on Monday.

Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam

Pham Ba Lu swore thousands of times that he "would not live under the same sky as the United States".