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Wok-fried beef with ginkgo nuts

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with Chef Tran Nhieu Minh of Intercontinental Asiana Saigon

Asians believe that ginkgo nuts, also called silver apricots, keeps the skin young and prolongs life. In Chinese traditional medicine, the nuts are considered an aphrodisiac. Chef Minh introduces a quick and easy recipe for nuts and beef.

Ingredients: serves 1

  • 200g beef
  • 50g ginkgo nuts
  • 5g garlic
  • 30g salted vegetables
  • 40g Chinese mushrooms
  • 5g sugar
  • 10g carrots
  • 5g head spring onions
  • 10g suzhou sauce
  • 5g chicken powder
  • 3g black soya sauce
  • Cooking oil, corn flour, pepper and sesame oil to taste


  • Put ginkgo nuts and salted vegetables in hot water for three minutes.
  • Put cooking oil in the wok, tip the pan to swirl the oil around. (Be sure to preheat the wok before adding the oil.) Then stir-fry beef to medium.
  • Cut carrots like flowers and fry with garlic, Chinese mushrooms, heads of spring onion, salted vegetable and ginkgo nuts.
  • Put beef together with all ingredients above.
  • Add suzhou sauce, sesame oil, black soya sauce, pepper, sugar, chicken powder to taste.
  • Mix water into corn flour and then put slowly into the pan.
  • Place all on the plate and decorate with coriander.

You can sample the dish at Yu Chu Restaurant, Intercontinental Asiana Sai Gon, corner of Hai Ba Trung St. and Le Duan Blvd, District 1, HCM City. Tel: (08) 3520 9999.

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