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Kaleidoscope (22-09-2013)

Update: September, 22/2013 - 17:15

by Van Dat

Child artist helps poor students

Fourteen-year-old Nguyen Nhat Minh, whose nickname is Nhat Meo, has chosen the best of her paintings for auction on a social media network with the starting price of VND10 million.

She expects that the sale of her "Luckiee" painting will fund four small scholarships for poor students.

Though the online auction was organised between September 4 and 10, a small painting was finally sold for VND20.5 million, which was enough for her to offer scholarships to 10 students.

She wrote on Bgood that she loved to help poor students but she was not able to make a large sum of money to realise her dream. Selling her favourite painting was the only way to give a helping hand.

Many netizens admire her for raising more money than people of more means. The teenager has become an example for everyone.

Breast milk soap proves a hit

Have you ever taken a shower with soap made from human breast milk?

Probably not. You may think it's weird, but a Vietnamese woman is making money selling such soap after learning about it from her husband.

Rumour says that the soap is beneficial for eczema and has other benefits for human skin. Goat and cow milk have long been used for lotions, so why not from a human mother?

Nguyen Thu Trang of HCM City's Go Vap District says she sees nothing unusual about it, and has earned a lot of money from selling the soap.

The idea came to her after her husband Tran Manh Linh returned to Viet Nam from working in South Korea. There, he saw young mothers used their breast milk to make soap for family use.

Customer Le Hai Yen, who brought her own breast milk to Trang's house and asked her to make a soap, said it would be wasteful if her son could not use all of her milk. She uses the soap to bathe the baby and herself.

Trang said one 100g soap bar sells for VND400,000 (US$19). Despite the high price, she does not have enough product to sell because there is a shortage of breast milk and the soap is time-consuming to make.

Love conquers all

He is from the northern province of Hung Yen. She is from the southern province of Dong Nai.

Few people would have imagined that the two young people would meet and then later get married.

Dang Van Tinh, 27, who became disabled when he turned seven years old, discovered Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang, 25, while discussing his disability and destiny on a radio programme. Trang tried to get in touch with him and after that they exchanged SMS messages and letters.

Tinh not only overcame his life's challenges but established a club to help other disabled people live a better life.

Trang was impressed with Tinh's will and courage, and they began to correspond. But Tinh later was reluctant to marry her when he discovered that she had no physical disabilities. He had assumed that she was disabled, too.

However, three years after that, they decided to get married, amid strong opposition from Trang's parents.

He told her in 2011: "I love you, please give me a chance. Do you know I have been waiting for this for a long time?"

Trang says she can never forget the first time they met each other.

She booked an air ticket to meet him in Hung Yen. They hugged each other and cried during. "Now we have met. Do you still love me?" was the first question her husband asked, Trang said. — VNS

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