Alley 96 in HCM City's Phan Dinh Phung Street is now known as "charity alley". At its entrance, an ice-tea bucket has been placed for use by lottery ticket sellers, pedicab drivers and vendors.
Four years ago, Frenchman James Christopher quit his $100,000 job as a managing director for a computer company in Paris to come to Viet Nam to fulfill his dream of becoming a Buddhist monk.
People in Nhon Ai Commune often see a young man selling lottery tickets every day to feed his seriously ill mother. At 7am, he says goodbye to his mum, who tells him to take care of the money that he earns that day.
"Foreigners know us through their friends' recommendations or our website at or," said Vu Thi To Quyen, 21, the club's chair and a fourth-year student at International University under the Viet Nam National University, HCM City.
An 83-year-old Ca Tu villager, who lives in the central coastal province of Quang Nam, has spent years making musical instruments and teaching youth about the songs and epics of the ethnic Ca Tu people.
HCM City-based drama troupes will stage several award-winning plays in the city and neighbouring provinces during Tet (Lunar New Year), particularly in rural areas with fewer entertainment choices.
Du, 64, has loved music for as long as he can remember. He received his first guitar lesson from his older brother, musician Dung Dat. Every day, he spent several hours in his room practicing while his friends went out to play games.
Students at HCM City schools have been more than thrilled to play thespian for the day in the Rhino at School programme that kicked off last Monday, organised by the US-based WildAid, African Wildlife Foundation and the CHANGE Centre, a Vietnamese non-profit organisation.
Ten years ago, the Blood Donation Centre in HCM City made an urgent call at 10pm to ask a motorbike-taxi driver if he could rush to Thong Nhat Hospital to donate blood for a patient undergoing stomach surgery.
A 40-year-old woman in Lam Dong Province lives virtually for her two young, paralytic children. Ka Ben carries Ha Gia, 12, and Ka Chieu, 10, to school, waits there for them to carry them to the toilet if needed, and brings them back home.
Every day, the boy, who has had the highest marks in his class at the Hoa Xuan Dong Primary School for the last five years, gets up early, goes to school and returns to the market to make pancakes.


Russia economic gloom hurts tourism Russia economic gloom hurts tourism

The number of Russian tourists arriving in Viet Nam is expected to decline at the beginning of 2015, due to the devaluation of the ruble in Russia.

PM calls for police to remain vigilant 1    PM calls for police to remain vigilant

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung yesterday urged police nationwide to step up vigilance next year against the nefarious designs of hostile and criminal forces.

New detox policy sees theft decline 1    New detox policy sees theft decline

HCM City has seen a slight decrease in the number of thefts, robberies and drug sales two weeks after deciding to send drug addicts without a stable residence to two local centres, according to local police.

New sitcom draws teen viewers New sitcom draws teen viewers

5S Online, a popular new sitcom aimed at teenagers, demonstrates that the sitcom genre is catching on in Viet Nam.

Viet Nam faces forestry restructuring hurdles Viet Nam faces forestry restructuring hurdles

Viet Nam needs to tackle several major challenges in order to restructure its forestry sector, said Nguyen Xuan Quat, a professor at the Research Institute for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification.