Renewable energy transforms remote areas
In the Truong Sa Archipelago, a solar and wind energy system is replacing the limited power supplied by diesel generators. Hoai Nam reports.
Cham minority villages woo tourists
His village and mosque are making a name as tourist hubs with more and more foreign tourists coming to his village, and to study Cham culture.
Discover the rustic charm of Thien Cam
The mountains and the small En island, far from the shore, ensure that visitors do not feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the sea that often causes humans to feel alone and insecure.
Demanding justice for Agent Orange victims
She knows without a shadow of a doubt that it is not only her and her loved ones being tortured by the fatal disease, but several millions of people who are living in physical and mental agony.
Resisting the designs of major powers
The signing of the Geneva Accords in 1954 is a seminal event in Vietnamese history that offers a crucial lesson - knowing the full story is crucial for understanding behind-the-scenes manipulation by big powers.
Coconut King bound for Truong Sa glory
What he is about to do with them is a job that only a man like him, with a passion, mission and unlimited enthusiasm for the job could accomplish.
Vietnamese Vespa lovers hit European roads
Members of the Ha Noi Vespa Club set a record by becoming the first aficionados of the iconic Italian scooter from Southeast Asia to attend a four-day global meet in Italy. Lan Dung reports on their experience
Few sign up for voluntary insurance
The national voluntary social insurance programme aims to provide insurance to society's most vulnerable groups, but many intended beneficiaries are uninformed or unable to participate. Hong Thuy reports.
Revelations from an ancient civilisation
Archaeologists have uncovered scores of artefacts left by the Sa Huynh people, who lived in the central region thousands of years ago. They will soon be on display in Quang Ngai. Vo Quy Cau reports.
Legendary scholar makes valuable donation
Arevolutionary turned intellectual, professor Le Quang Long has made many contributions to the country's scientific community. His latest:a vast collection of documents. Lan Anh and Ha Nguyen report.
Stem cell facials may be trendy, but do they work?
While many wealthy consumers are lighting up at the chance to try ‘skin rejuvenation' using stem cells, the expensive therapy might not deliver on all its promises. Hong Thuy reports.


Chinese drilling rig pulled out of Vietnam's waters Chinese drilling rig pulled out of Vietnam's waters

At 6:30pm on July 16, China's oil rig Haiyang Shiyou – 981 was 41 nautical miles from its previous position and out of Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, about 163 nautical miles southwest of China's Hainan island, reported the Viet Nam Coast Guard High Command.  

School closed for torturing autistic students School closed for torturing autistic students

City authorities have shut down an illegal school for autistic children after it was found to be torturing its students.

Teachers question city's proposal to use e-books 2    Teachers question city's proposal to use e-books

E-books would replace printed textbooks in the first to third grades in HCM City for the upcoming schools year under a new proposal, the vice chairman of the city People's Committee Hua Ngoc Thuan has said.

Beer plant left unfinished Beer plant left unfinished

A beer plant under construction in the centre of Ha Tinh City has become a pasture for local residents to graze oxen.

Noi Bai unveils first sleeping pods Noi Bai unveils first sleeping pods

Vietnam Airlines Tourism Company (VATC ) has installed the first ever sleeping pods in Noi Bai International Airport to serve the passengers.