Village preserves art of fish sauce
Making fish sauce is a way of life for residents in this village near Da Nang, but can they make the traditional product successful in modern Viet Nam or around the world? Cong Thanh reports.
Scholar preserves disappearing ethnic writing
The Thai are one of the few minority tribes with their own script, yet few remember how to write it. Dinh Nhung reports.
Xoan Gheo folk songs brought back to life
Despite their lack of funding, professional experience and actors, a group of artisans are determined to restore the valuable tradition of Xoan Gheo folk songs. Ha Van The and Ha Nguyen report.
Coastal regions ravaged by flood tides
Rising sea levels caused by climate change and offshore land exploitation for building hydroelectricity plants are threatening the safety of the locals and Ba Dong Beach.
Hue gala to dazzle, expand audience
The latest edition of the biennial Hue Festival, starting this weekend, seeks to offer more things to more people, but 16 years on, the landmark event faces several ‘familiar' challenges, reports Phuoc Buu.
Humble chemist a ‘powerful' guardian
Viet Nam's leading expert on metal erosion and protection, who has played a key role in protecting the national electricity network, has chosen not to rest on his laurels, report Le Nhon and Ha Nguyen.
A passion that keeps ticking away
Bac Giang resident Nguyen Minh Tam is so enamoured of antique clocks that he hears their souls talk to him. The collector tells Nguyen Truong that he misses this conversation when he is away from home.
Mini-plough devised to till terraced fields
A farmer in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai has invented a mini-ploughing machine for terraced fields in inaccessible areas.
Viet Nam seeks the secret of happiness
Are the Vietnamese people happy? That depends on how you define happiness. However, a new index likely to be publicised in 2015 will attempt to stick a number on that subjective truth. Hong Thuy reports.
Preserving the treasure of Cao Lan songs
A club of the ethnic minority community in the northern province of Tuyen Quang is preserving sinh ca folk songs as "treasures" for the next generations. Mai Hong and Trung Hieu report.
Young linguists share passion for language
An recalls that she began to learn English when she was five. However, she was exposed to English even before that when her father lulled her to sleep with songs of the legendary band The Beatles.


Mekong summit calls for greater riparian co-operation Mekong summit calls for greater riparian co-operation

Mekong River riparian countries have improved co-operation since the first Mekong River Commission (MRC) summit held in Thailand four years ago, a senior Vietnamese official has said.

Viet Nam attempts to hold back deadly measles strain Viet Nam attempts to hold back deadly measles strain

The head of Viet Nam's General Department of Preventive Medicine, Tran Dac Phu, announced on Tuesday that the department would work to contain the outbreak of measles over the coming months.

Da Nang plans a greener future Da Nang plans a greener future

The central city of Da Nang will have a face-lift as it becomes a green city following the Prime Minister's decision on the city's adjusted master urban plan for 2030 and 2050.

Delta households face water shortage Delta households face water shortage

More than 377,000 people in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta face a fresh water shortage because of saline water intrusion in the area, according to the National Centre for Rural Clean Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation.

Ha Noi to host National Shooting Cup 1    Ha Noi to host National Shooting Cup

The National Shooting Cup is scheduled to take place in the Ha Noi-based National Sports Training Centre from April 16 to 24.