Heavier penalties set for overloaded trucks
Penalties for overloaded trucks will increase based on the Government's Decree 107/2014/ND-CP, which replaces last year's Decree 171.
Learning centres remain ineffective
A Vietnamese education official claims that despite some great achievements, only 30 per cent of the hundreds of the nation's community-based learning centres (CLCs) based on the Japanese kominkan model are working effectively.
Vietnam Airlines check-in times change
Vietnam Airlines will change check-in times for both domestic and international flights on December 1.
Illegal drugs seized at Tan Son Nhat Airport
Customs officials at Tan Son Nhat International Airport here have seized 30,000 prohibited and addictive tablets worth more than VND2 billion (US$94,340).
VN trade, labour to get legal lookover
Changes and updates to the current Labour Code and Trade Union Law and their impact on business operations will be discussed at a conference in HCM City next week.
Remote areas to get family planning tips
The Viet Nam Family Planning Association (VINAFPA) plans to expand its services over the next five years to poor and remote areas, especially those inhabited by ethnic minority communities.
Asian aquaculture diseases discussed
A triennial Asian symposium on diseases affecting aquaculture opened in HCM City yesterday, with 300 local and international scientists, researchers, and business executives taking part.
Technician blamed for flight control system's breakdown
A manual error by a technician caused last Thursday's power outage at the flight control system in HCM City's Tan Son Nhat International Airport, according to the Viet Nam Air Traffic Management Corporation.
High lipid levels raise alarm
About 44 per cent of Ha Noi and HCM City residents have hyperlipidaemia, a condition where one has an abnormally elevated level of lipids in their blood, according to a recent study by the National Institute of Nutrition.
Producers, traders blamed for substandard food safety
Though food producers' and traders' awareness of hygiene has improved, their sense of responsibility and adoption of practices to ensure food safety have not, experts have said.
City offers college training in treating substance abuse
An HIV-Addiction Technology Transfer Centre on the campus of the HCM City University of Medicine and Pharmacy will offer workforce training and technical assistance in treating substance abuse.
Cat-fight stops plane
Cat-fight stops plane

More than 200 passengers sitting tight on a plane bound for Ha Noi turned their eyes from the safety instructions to watch a cat-fight between a married woman and her husband's ex-girlfriend - while the husband sat between them.

Are our kids getting a digital overdose?
Are our kids getting a digital overdose?

Asked about allowing children to use digital equipment, many parents agree that these are useful learning tools that give children access to new information and knowledge and help them develop language skills.


Singaporeans unite to help scammed Vietnamese tourist Singaporeans unite to help scammed Vietnamese tourist

The assistance that Singaporeans gave a Vietnamese tourist who was scammed when he bought an iPhone 6 in Singapore has earned much attention and applause from Vietnamese newspapers and netizens.

Old apartments remain in state of disrepair Old apartments remain in state of disrepair

There are more than 1,500 old apartment buildings at risk of collapse across Viet Nam, but in the last decade, only five per cent were rebuilt.

Province backs cable car to cave 2    Province backs cable car to cave

Authorities in central Quang Binh Province have given the go ahead for a highly controversial cable car system connecting various sites in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park to the world's biggest cave, Son Doong.

Edward Scissorhands among free outdoor films Edward Scissorhands among free outdoor films

Saigon Outcast will hold two free Thursday outdoor film screenings this month.

Tax not the solution to online gaming issue 1    Tax not the solution to online gaming issue

A 10 per cent tax on the online gaming industry recently proposed by the Ministry of Finance aims to address the connection between the increase in gaming addiction and game-related crimes among youngsters by charging them more to fuel their addiction.