Public relation news “Unseen Lanna under the Royal Patronage”

Chiang Mai Office of Community Development hereby invites you to join in “UNSEEN LANNA under the Royal Patronage”, the best expo of Lanna OTOP for the upper Northern provinces (Area 1). 



Within the expo, you will find a variety of products and service including OTOP products from the 4 upper Northern provinces (Area 1), the OTOP inviting menus, Chamber of Commerce Fairs and other zones in one place. We also invite you to recall the royal grace of the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej having towards northern people in the honor exhibition zone. In the expo, you will see the demonstration of how to produce the distinguished Lanna OTOP products.    

Apart from the expo “UNSEEN LANNA under the Royal Patronage”, there are other interesting activities such as art and culture shows, health promotion performance, a fashion show “Thai clothes under the Royal Patronage”, and mini concerts from different artists for 10 days from 18.00 onwards.

15 September – Ying Thitikan

16 September – Earn the Stars

17 September – Looktan R-siam

18 September – Kong Saharat

19 September – Earnkwan Waranya

20 September – Sac Chumpae

21 September – Lamyong Nonghinhao

22 September – Kaengsom Thanathat

23 September – Pawali Pornpimon

24 September – Aui Rawiwan

Root for a big reward - a Toyota Revo 4-door truck.

See you in “UNSEEN LANNA under the Royal Patronage” during 15 – 24 September 2017 at Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Center.