Press Club presents a two Michelin starred surprise

From March 19-24, food lovers in Hanoi will have the chance to enjoy a special menu prepared by two Michelin starred chef Alain Dutournier at the Press Club’s French restaurant La Table du Chef.

In terms of prestige, being awarded Michelin Stars is sort of like winning a culinary Grammy or Oscar. One Star means “The restaurant is considered very good in its category”. Two Stars refers to “The restaurant has excellent cuisine delivered in a unique wayThis restaurant has something exceptional to offer and is worth a detour to visit while traveling”. Three Stars – the highest level - must be “very exceptional and worth a special trip just to visit”.

Therefore, though it takes years to book a table in a Michelin-starred restaurant, millions of diners in the world dream of having a chance to taste these special dishes and meet the person who cooks them.

Located in the heart of the French quarter in Hanoi, next to the Opera House and the bustling Trang Tien Street, the Press Club has become a reliable culinary address of over nearly two decades. Since 2015, Press Club has coordinated with one of the most renowned chefs in Paris to bring Michelin-starred flavors to Hanoi. Today, Alain Dutournier owns a two Michelin starred restaurant and a one Michelin starred restaurant in convenient locations in Paris. He comes to Press Club on a regular basis (every three or six months) to launch his new menu exclusively designed for our La Table du Chef restaurant, to train the kitchen’s team and meet food lovers in Hanoi.

Born in a culinary cradle of the southwest of France, Alain Dutournier was raised in his family’s inn where he learnt cooking since his early childhood. Alain’s cooking is based on the authenticity of natural products. In the world of Michelin starred chefs, he is known as the person who has found a way to transform pleasant dishes from his home land into haute cuisine.

Someone who has never worked with him in the kitchen or tasted his dishes can’t understand why his passion is to make people happy, and tries his utmost to make that happen. Like his mother and grandmother, Alain doesn’t cook for himself but for the enjoyment of diners.

From March 19-24, Alain Dutournier will launch his new menu in Hanoi. For any Michelin starred chef, the process of developing a new dish is a labor-consuming work that incorporates love and inspiration. Each Michelin starred dish should be a great combination of flavors, aesthetic values and uniqueness. The whole menu often follows the season and is kept secret until it is displayed on the table. Similarly, the new menu of chef Alain at the Press Club will only be revealed on the launch day.

So far, there are no Michelin starred restaurants in Viet Nam. To try exceptional dishes of such special chefs, you have to take the shortest flight to Singapore and of course make the booking months in advance.

So this is a great opportunity that you should not miss.

Enjoy dishes cooked by a two Michelin starred chef right in the heart of Hanoi, in an elegant atmosphere set in its original colonial décor from the 1920’s. If you are lucky, you can meet Alain Dutournier in person.


La Table du Chef restaurant

3rd floor, Press Club

59A Lý Thái Tổ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Hotline: 0904 067 686 (Ms. Chi Mai)