A report by market research company Epinion and media communications agency OMD Viet Nam shows that fewer than a third of Viet Nam's 14.4 million youngsters aged from 13 to 21 year are not comfortable talking to their friends in person. Most say they'd rather use a chat app.
What makes one become a book-lover?

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has collected ideas for a project that aims to encourage more reading among Vietnamese people – especially children. The project would cost about VND230 billion (US$10.2 million). Do you think the project will work?

Ha Noi traffic police have proposed to fine people who wave down so called "snail buses" (rua bo) outside main terminals in big cities. The move aims to deal with the many passenger buses that attempt to fill up with passengers by wandering around the streets instead of moving quickly to their destination.
A poor man last week was pulled off his motorbike and beaten badly for one reason, insisting on stopping at a traffic light.
HCM City's People' Committee ordered Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street's management team to forbid pets on the walkway last week.The ban also included selling coffee, skating and sitting on picnic blankets.
A traffic officer that works 24 hours a day and never gets tired actually exists…in the form a cardboard cut-out in Can Tho Province.
Da Nang's People's Council has discussed a proposal to set up a separate beach area for people who wear bikinis. The proposal has received mixed opinions. Some people said that women should wear bikinis when going to the beach while others thought that they should be allowed to wear whatever they felt comfortable in. Do you think that this is necessary, suitable or possible?
Last week, Viet Nam News asked its readers about what students in their countries do for good luck before important exams.
It's exam season in Viet Nam - high school students just finished their graduation exams.
What do you think of the way youngsters apply global trends, including the ‘kiss cam'?
Youngsters in Viet Nam are quickly catching up with global trends. Some trends are welcomed by the local community, but others are not.
Do the proposed regulations violate individual freedom?
Next week: Will a limit of 50 SMSs a day per mobile user stop the bulk spamming?


Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh

Wiping sweat from his forehead, 36-year-old Trinh Duc Sang took big strides along a road covered with muddy coal sludge and dirt to the place that was his home until just three weeks ago. He climbed a rickety ladder that buckled under his weight to reach his neigh-bour's house overlooking a creek. From there, he crossed into his old home.

Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane

The national flagship carrier Vietnam Airlines held a ceremony on July 2 to receive its first Airbus 350-900 aircraft and announce its upgrade service quality programme and new brand identifying system, marking a major step in bringing the airline into the international arena.

Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam 1    Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam

Pham Ba Lu swore thousands of times that he "would not live under the same sky as the United States".

Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA

Nearly 9 million people in Viet Nam, or 10 per cent of the population, suffer from mental disorders, including 2.5 per cent with serious mental illnesses under social protection.