One of Viet Nam's best doctors at the National Obstetrics Hospital refused to operate on a patient this week. He said his schedule was too full and her case wasn't as much of an emergency as others.
The latest plan to monitor urban traffic was introduced on Monday by the National Traffic Safety Committee, in which the use of data collected from residents' smartphones would play the key role.
Do international beauty contest participants necessarily represent their countries?
Many Vietnamese have thought for a long time that local beauty pageant contestants who attend regional or global contests represent their country in the international arena.
Should we celebrate International Women's Day?
March 8, International Women's Day, is always a special occasion for Vietnamese women. They are treated extra nicely for 24 hours. Women are given beautiful bouquets of flowers and gifts from their beloveds, and taken out in the evening.

Viet Nam's special day to honour medical practitioners, Doctors' Day, is celebrated on February 27. Doctors and nurses at thousands of hospitals and medical centres nationwide are always out front trying to save lives, but they also occasionally come under strong criticism for backward practices and standards of cleanliness. Viet Nam News would like you to share your related experience.

Last week, Viet Nam News asked its readers about whether Vietnamese parents should give their daughter a big dowry - money and/or valuable jewelry - as a token of parental love and also financial support as she leaves to set up her home elsewhere.
What is a reasonable dowry that parents can give a daughter when she gets married?
Vietnamese parents, like those in many other Asian countries, have the tradition of giving their daughter some money and/or some jewellery on her big day – a voluntary dowry, so to speak.
Would you like to know if you're dying in 30 days?
A test to determine if elderly patients are likely to die within 30 days of being admitted to a hospital has been developed by doctors. The test is intended to help doctors give elderly patients the chance to go home and/or say goodbye to loved ones.
Is the new policy on small bill donations extreme?
In the Vietnamese tradition, people donate small bills to pagodas and temples after worship, and to wish for good luck. Note exchange services have even popped up around pagodas and temples, alongside traditional vendors with flowers, food and votive offerings.
What do you think about HCM City's proposal to require residents to have a parking slot before they buy a car?
Anyone who wants to buy a car needs to prove they have a place to park it under a new proposal by the HCM City Transport Department aimed at restricting the number of private vehicles.
Will new visa requirement affect your decision to visit Viet Nam?
According to the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Viet Nam, which came into effect on January 1, 2015, tourists entering Viet Nam by waterway will have to pay $45 for a visa instead of the current $5 and will be required to submit a visa application.


Experts slam failure to save old trees Experts slam failure to save old trees

Distinguished scientists and experts in the field of urban planning raised many challenges at a conference yesterday to review Ha Noi's urban tree planning.

Whistleblowers to be rewarded up to US$160,000 1    Whistleblowers to be rewarded up to US$160,000

The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Government Inspectorate have issued a joint circular announcing that whistleblowers will be rewarded up to VND3.4 billion (US$160,000).

Daewoo founder seeks to inspire youth Daewoo founder seeks to inspire youth

As you get older, you spend hours regretting each minute you wasted in your youth, which flies by.

IZ firms find pollution controls too expensive IZ firms find pollution controls too expensive

Many companies in industrial zones claim they lack capital to introduce equipment to save energy and lessen emissions.

Caves in Quang Binh will soon echo with the sounds of runners Caves in Quang Binh will soon echo with the sounds of runners

Quang Binh, home of the biggest cave in the world, Son Doong, is offering visitors treks, caving tours and a race.