Many students in Ha Noi are victims of bullying at school, including sexual harassment, according to a survey by the Institute of Social and Medical Sciences and Plan Viet Nam released this week.
Share with us the pros and cons of the upcoming
Facebook is preparing Facebook at Work - a website that allows users to chat with colleagues, network with other professionals and collaborate on documents. It is Facebook's attempt at competing with other professional social-media sites such as LinkedIn, according to a Financial Times article published on November 16.
Unfair competition or just another choice for taxi riders?
Since June, local and foreign passengers in HCM have enjoyed the luxury and convenience of Uber. This takes only a few swipes on a smartphone for clients to start up their Uber app, then select a car and pickup location.
How to encourage people to exercise in Viet Nam?
A recent National Institute of Nutrition report said Vietnamese people are the shortest in Asia, and one of the reasons for this is a lack of exercise. A UK medical journal also ranked Viet Nam one of the laziest countries in an international study in 2012.
Do crime warning leaflets make you feel safer?
HCM City's Police on Wednesday stopped handing out leaflets to tourists warning them to watch out for robberies, rip-offs and taxi scams.
Stricter requirements for learner drivers?
Earlier this week, a learner driver in Dak Lak province crashed her seven-seater car into a busy market, killing two people and injured eight others.
Do clothes make the man?
For some people, the September release of Apple's iPhone 6 was more significant news than the Islamic State crisis or the vote for independence of Scotland.
Do you support regulating the temperature of beer?
The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced in a draft decree that bars and street shops had to serve beer at a temperature of less than 30 degrees Celsius, a move meant to improve Viet Nam's food safety standards.
Is Ha Noi en route to becoming one of the top destinations in Asia?
Ha Noi will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its liberation day next week (October 10, 1954), which is a major milestone for the capital.
Do you shop at Vietnamese meat stalls and markets?
Health authorities in Ha Noi are faced with the problem of trying to prevent modern, hygienic abattoirs worth millions of dollars from closing down.
Will a new ban on sleeper buses travelling on steep and winding routes actually save people's lives?
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Singaporeans unite to help scammed Vietnamese tourist Singaporeans unite to help scammed Vietnamese tourist

The assistance that Singaporeans gave a Vietnamese tourist who was scammed when he bought an iPhone 6 in Singapore has earned much attention and applause from Vietnamese newspapers and netizens.

Old apartments remain in state of disrepair Old apartments remain in state of disrepair

There are more than 1,500 old apartment buildings at risk of collapse across Viet Nam, but in the last decade, only five per cent were rebuilt.

Province backs cable car to cave 2    Province backs cable car to cave

Authorities in central Quang Binh Province have given the go ahead for a highly controversial cable car system connecting various sites in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park to the world's biggest cave, Son Doong.

Edward Scissorhands among free outdoor films Edward Scissorhands among free outdoor films

Saigon Outcast will hold two free Thursday outdoor film screenings this month.

Tax not the solution to online gaming issue 1    Tax not the solution to online gaming issue

A 10 per cent tax on the online gaming industry recently proposed by the Ministry of Finance aims to address the connection between the increase in gaming addiction and game-related crimes among youngsters by charging them more to fuel their addiction.