According to a draft amendment to the Civil Code, the full name of a Vietnamese citizen should not have more than 25 letters, or any numbers or symbols. The change was proposed at a National Assembly Standing Committee meeting last week and will be debated at 9th session of the 13th National Assembly. Tell us what you think about the proposed amendment? Do you think a long name really causes that much trouble?
What do you think the pros and cons are for foreigners working in Viet Nam if they were included in the country's social and health insurance programme?
Next week: Under new provisions of the 2014 Law on Social Insurance, which will come into effect on January 1, 2016, foreign workers whose work permits, practice licenses or certificates are granted by competent Vietnamese authorities will be subject to mandatory social and health insurance.
Walking streets in cities: how do we make them more attractive to tourists?
In your country, how do authorities manage public cultural areas or walking streets?
How does society view teacher-student relations in your country?
The HCM City-based Vietnamese American Vocational Training College (VATC) announced last week that it will forbid its lecturers from being involved in romantic relations with its students.
Do you like free food?
Hundreds of people in HCM City recently queued up for more than three hours under the harsh sun for free McDonald's food. Many people slammed the queue as "lacking of self-esteem" and that McDonald's way of doing PR lacked humanity. However, there are others who say there's nothing shameful at all to queue for free food.
Does your country use helmet cameras?
What do you think of a HCM City proposal to provide 200 traffic police with helmet-cameras to catch traffic violators and provide evidence against them?
One of Viet Nam's best doctors at the National Obstetrics Hospital refused to operate on a patient this week. He said his schedule was too full and her case wasn't as much of an emergency as others.
The latest plan to monitor urban traffic was introduced on Monday by the National Traffic Safety Committee, in which the use of data collected from residents' smartphones would play the key role.
Do international beauty contest participants necessarily represent their countries?
Many Vietnamese have thought for a long time that local beauty pageant contestants who attend regional or global contests represent their country in the international arena.
Should we celebrate International Women's Day?
March 8, International Women's Day, is always a special occasion for Vietnamese women. They are treated extra nicely for 24 hours. Women are given beautiful bouquets of flowers and gifts from their beloveds, and taken out in the evening.

Viet Nam's special day to honour medical practitioners, Doctors' Day, is celebrated on February 27. Doctors and nurses at thousands of hospitals and medical centres nationwide are always out front trying to save lives, but they also occasionally come under strong criticism for backward practices and standards of cleanliness. Viet Nam News would like you to share your related experience.


Commando recalls sinking of US aircraft carrier Commando recalls sinking of US aircraft carrier

Seventy-nine-year-old former Vietnamese commando Lam Son Nao still feels uncomfortable whenever he thinks about the moment he tried to recover 84 kilos of explosives that had been left near the USNS Core aircraft carrier.

When festivals lose sight of the people 1    When festivals lose sight of the people

Last year I visited George Town in Penang, Malaysia. I was excited to find a lot of similarities between it and my hometown, Hue.

Cultural events lead to fireworks competition 1    Cultural events lead to fireworks competition

An International cuisine event will be held in the central city as a lead up to this weekend's scheduled seventh Da Nang International Fireworks Competition, a contest between teams representing five countries.

Da Nang to monitor trees with GIS 1    Da Nang to monitor trees with GIS

Da Nang plans to use the geographic information system (GIS) in the city's public tree management work, the municipal People's Committee spokesman Vo Van Thuong said.

Man detained for trafficking 15 monkeys Man detained for trafficking 15 monkeys

The Nghe An Province's environmental crimes division said this morning that it has detained a man for allegedly trafficking monkeys following a tip-off.