Textbook reform package raises stakes to $1.7bn
A national project to reform textbooks and curricula could cost up to US$1.7 billion, raising the eye-brows of education experts and the public.
Education policy drags on employment demand
Ten years ago, a Party member told a National Assembly meeting that we had abundance sources of labour. According to the calculation of professor Nguyen Minh Thuyet, then vice chairman of the NA's committee for culture and education, we needed only 13,000-15,000 graduates each year. If this calculation was for a population of 80 million plus, then it's clear the professor's warning was not taken seriously.
The indifference of high-school students towards the subject of History continues. Another wave of exams is coming and for the first time, high-school seniors can choose a third subject for graduation exams besides Maths and Literature.
Are we developing a culture of selfishness?
No society can flourish without culture and there can be no sustainable development without it."
The Ministry of Public Security has stirred public concern by drafting a regulation that allows traffic violators to pay on-the-spot fines instead of sending them to State Treasury offices.
For Vietnamese, the annual Tet bonus is becoming a sensitive issue around this time of year. A week before the nation's biggest holiday arrives, streets are filled with people rushing to stockpile goodies for the biggest festival.
The phrase "Sweet Sixteen" is there for a reason. I remember when I was 16 and in grade ten, how I cried over the news that a member of a famous pop music group had got married.
It might have been a depressing topic, but the candor on display was refreshing.
In a famous short story by Indian Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, a doctor famous for his skills as well as his forthrightness confronts a dilemma.
When I started these words, thinking about the things I'm going to write down, I can't help but feel my chest go tight and achey, my heart constricted and my head almost exploding.
One of the largest corruption stories of the year has come to an end in December: two former executives at the Viet Nam National Shipping Lines were found guilty of embezzlement and sentenced to death.


Mekong summit calls for greater riparian co-operation Mekong summit calls for greater riparian co-operation

Mekong River riparian countries have improved co-operation since the first Mekong River Commission (MRC) summit held in Thailand four years ago, a senior Vietnamese official has said.

Viet Nam attempts to hold back deadly measles strain Viet Nam attempts to hold back deadly measles strain

The head of Viet Nam's General Department of Preventive Medicine, Tran Dac Phu, announced on Tuesday that the department would work to contain the outbreak of measles over the coming months.

Da Nang plans a greener future Da Nang plans a greener future

The central city of Da Nang will have a face-lift as it becomes a green city following the Prime Minister's decision on the city's adjusted master urban plan for 2030 and 2050.

Delta households face water shortage Delta households face water shortage

More than 377,000 people in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta face a fresh water shortage because of saline water intrusion in the area, according to the National Centre for Rural Clean Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation.

Ha Noi to host National Shooting Cup 1    Ha Noi to host National Shooting Cup

The National Shooting Cup is scheduled to take place in the Ha Noi-based National Sports Training Centre from April 16 to 24.