As the university application process ended a few days ago, many complaints were made about the shortcoming of the new model. Top of the list was how high-school students had an intense time trying to get into college.
Attracting talented scientists to work in national research institutes is a top priority for the Government, especially during this period of international integration.
My generation grew up realising that Viet Nam, according to the geography textbooks, is ceaselessly and naturally expanding outwards to the sea, particularly in the south.
About half of the total of 817,000 students who recently sat for the national high school and university exams scored less than five out of 10 marks for English, one of the three compulsory subjects.
A mass murder in the southern province of Binh Phuoc on July 7 shook the nation. Six members of a wealthy business family were killed during the night. Only an 18-month-old baby was spared.
Just a few days ago, the nation saw and enjoyed the tension and excitement of millions of young people chasing their dreams of a college education. It was difficult not to get caught up in that atmosphere.
Time to get serious about efficient investment
Following the National Assembly session in October 2014, there has been a lot of discussion on public debt management and the efficiency of public investment projects.
Viet Nam must help children left behind by MDGs
Nearly 15 years ago the global community, including Viet Nam, rallied behind eight goals in the hopes of building a better and more prosperous world. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set measurable targets and a 2015 deadline for achieving them.
Like their counterparts in other countries, Vietnamese journalists are also struggling to see whether social media is a new source of information or a fierce competitor – or both.
Last week, five more bears held captive in northern Quang Ninh Province's bear-bile farms were reported to have died. This brought the numbers that have died in the province to 106 since the beginning of last year.
Stakes are high if science bows to business interests
If you commit a mistake once, others may think it was an accident. But if you do the same thing twice, others will conclude it reflects your nature and that you are not likely to change.


A tiring push for success seen as doomed to fail A tiring push for success seen as doomed to fail

It is just after seven in the evening when Nguyen Minh Trung gets home. It's been a long day, more than 12 hours, in fact, and he's exhausted.

Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh

Wiping sweat from his forehead, 36-year-old Trinh Duc Sang took big strides along a road covered with muddy coal sludge and dirt to the place that was his home until just three weeks ago. He climbed a rickety ladder that buckled under his weight to reach his neigh-bour's house overlooking a creek. From there, he crossed into his old home.

Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam 1    Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam

Pham Ba Lu swore thousands of times that he "would not live under the same sky as the United States".

Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA

Nearly 9 million people in Viet Nam, or 10 per cent of the population, suffer from mental disorders, including 2.5 per cent with serious mental illnesses under social protection.

Planning sector needs much simplification Planning sector needs much simplification

Over the years, a total of 71 legal documents and ordinances and 73 decrees have been enacted by the National Assembly and the Government to regulate planning in Viet Nam.