One day I cried a river on the way home from my first-grade class. My teacher scolded me for not writing in the style she wanted but the old-fashioned formal font my father had taught me the night before. My teacher's font looked like cold boring Times New Roman, while what my father taught me was so beautiful and elegant that it would be carefully written on wedding invitations.
An annual report by Google has shown that nine out of Vietnamese top 10 searches in 2015 were related to movies, music and celebrities. The song "Vo nguoi ta" (Wife of Another Man), which describes the broken heart of a man after finding out his beloved is getting married to another, was the top trending search in the country, even though it only surfaced on the internet in late October, according to the "Year in Search 2015" report.
My two children will not return home after finishing their studying abroad."This was the statement by Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nguyen Duy Thang at a Government meeting last week.
The bloody figure of traffic police officer Nguyen Quoc Dat in his torn-apart uniform last week shocked the nation as he was lying on the road after being dragged some 20 metres under a truck in a hit and run incident on National Route 5 in Ha Noi.
Vietnamese might have to take a minute to think through whether they can gossip about an official on the internet, especially after what happened in An Giang province recently.
An event was held on Sunday in remembrance of road traffic victims this year by the National Committee for Traffic Safety. During the first 10 months of the year, nearly 7,200 people died and 17,000 were injured in traffic accidents across the country.
A national conference last week revealed that more than ten thousand prostitutes work across Viet Nam, pouring more gasoline on the fire of the debate over such a so-called social evil.
The price of water increased by 20 per cent this month in Ha Noi, marking the fourth consecutive price hike in the last four years. The price has increased from an average of VND6,000 (US$0.25) per cubic metre in 2012 to VND9,500 ($0.42), a jump of almost 60 per cent.
Last month, world leaders came together to agree on a new set of global goals designed to create the kind of world that we would like to see. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are designed to wipe out poverty, fight inequality, tackle climate change and promote peace.
The public has given a big applause to a prompt and bold decision of the municipal People's Committee in Ha Noi last week to chop down illegally-built floors of a building that exceed the permitted height.
The public's concern over 10 of the My Duc District Party Secretary's family members being employed as public officials hasn't even cooled down yet, but another incident is already stirring up emotions.


Teacher's long fight for justice pays off Teacher's long fight for justice pays off

Nguyen Than spent years trying to prove the innocence of his former student, wrongfully convicted on a murder charge 18 years ago.

Passion motivates circus artists to take risks Passion motivates circus artists to take risks

The circus has always been about performers attempting precarious and daring acts in exchange for the intangible reward of the roar of the crowd.

New flowers grown for Tet New flowers grown for Tet

Farmers in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta will offer new varieties of flowers for the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, which falls on February 8 this year.

VN strives to reform customs ahead of FTAs VN strives to reform customs ahead of FTAs

The World Trade Organisation's Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) would boost customs reforms to facilitate trade across borders in line with international standards, an official has said.