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Letters To The Editor (Nov. 17, 2012)

Update: November, 17/2012 - 11:29

Dear Editor,

I was sorry to read of Fang Woei Lim's experience [Letter to the Editor on November 13] with a taxi firm adding unexpected extra charges. Just for balance, I'd like to say that I came today on my first visit and had a problem-free taxi ride with the Saigontourist Travel Service Co (the first one to the right as one exits the transit hall) – they quoted me VND280,000, and that's what I paid – the polite driver neither asked for an exit fee or any other payment. So perhaps it's worth getting a couple of quotes before deciding which company to use.

I'd add that I'm travelling a good deal at the moment for animal welfare work (we're trying to end cosmetic testing on animals globally, as has already happened in Europe) and US$14 is the lowest fee I've encountered in any capital city. I think they could reasonably charge $25 without the average foreign visitor thinking it exorbitant.

Nick Palmer

Director of Policy

Cruelty Free


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