Dung Quat co-operates to train workers

Dung Quat co-operates to train workers


QUANG NGAI — The acute shortage of skilled workers at the Dung Quat economic zone in Quang Ngai central province has led local authorities and foreign investors to join hands to train a qualified workforce.

Nguyen Hoang Son, vice chairman of Quang Ngai Province’ s People’s Committee, said that an estimated 55,000 labourers, particularly highly-skilled ones, are needed to meet the developing Dung Quat EZ through 2010, which poses a challenge to the local government.

According to Dung Quat EZ authority’ s head Tran Le Trung, 10 heavy-industry plants in oil refinery, petrochemicals, metallurgy and shipbuilding are to begin operations soon in the EZ, that will employ around 25,000 technical workers.

The EZ now badly needs construction engineers, as well as supervisors, high-level welders and interpreters. Also in high demand are work quality management engineers and mechanics to build the oil refinery, he added.

Dung Quat Shipbuilding Factory is planning to recruit large numbers of skilled labourers, particularly this July when it embarks on building a 10,000-tonne oil tanker named Dung Quat 1 to be launched in 2007.

Dung Quat Shipyard Industry Co.’ s deputy general director Dinh Tien Dung said Viet Nam’ s fledgling shipbuilding sector is doing its utmost to attract qualified personnel with many incentives on offer.

Four wood processing mills under the Sai Gon-Dung Quat sub-industrial zone presently want to employ over 200 engineers and skilled technical workers to manipulate state-of-the-art machines.

Tran Ngoc Chau, principal of Dung Quat Vocational Training School, said that his facility is investing more in modern training equipment and linking up with other institutions to impart vital knowledge for labourers tailored to the EZ.

The Ministry of Labour , Invalids and Social Affairs has recently agreed to upgrade the school to the Dung Quat Vocational Training College that will train up to 3,000 students and receive US$5 million in financial assistance each year from 2007-10.

The Danish Government has decided to provide the school with new equipment this year worth $5 million from its official development aid while Chinese-owned Technip group donated $100,000 to help train high-level welders.

The group’ s Vice President in the Asia-Pacific region, Dominique Perffeit, said that though currently under construction, Dung Quat oil refinery still needs some 2,000 high-grade welders and 15,000 more experts, engineers and workers in the future.

Another foreign investor, the Taiwanese-owned steel group Tycoons has co-operated with the school to train 3,666 labourers to work at the more - than-$1-billion Dung Quat EZ-based steel smelting plant in its first phase.

Under the project, Dung Quat school will be responsible for providing basic vocational training while the Tycoons group will provide theory and practice.

Chen Cheng Li, the plant’s executive manager said that the group plans to select engineers and skilled workers from Ha Noi, Da Nang and Dung Quat Vocational Training School to be trained in Viet Nam before sending them on to China to create a highly-qualified human resource pool for the plant.

More recently, Dr. Sandra Engel of the US-based Mohawk Valley Community College said that his college would take active measures to generate a stable labour force for Dung Quat EZ and other IPs in the province.

According to the Dung Quat EZ authority, 10 projects in the light industry and service sectors with total registered capital of VND448.8 billion ($28.1 million) have come into operation in the first half of this year, creating jobs for nearly 3,000 labourers.

The EZ’s service and industrial output value has reached VND260 billion ($16.3 million) while its export revenue posted $8.4 million, contributing VND244.55 billion ($15.3 million) to the State budget. — VNS

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