Hoan My Da Nang Hospital marks 15 years of high-quality healthcare

Founded in 2002, the Hoan My Da Nang Hospital (HMDN) was the first private general hospital in central Viet Nam to become a high quality healthcare destination for people in Da Nang and the central and Central Highlands region.

The hospital, supported by the Hoan My Medical Corporation – the largest private Medical Corporation in Viet Nam and strong investment from Singapore, has nine hospitals and three clinics with high-quality human resources, modern equipment and facilities including advanced medical applications.

Dr. Phan Phu Kiem – Deputy Director of the hospital’s Quality Management department, said: "As a private sector forerunner in health services 15 years ago, we have expanded continuously since, building on a solid foundation with the support of all our departments and the Hoan My Medical Corporation.

“Our doctors, nurses and staffs have built up a strong trust and belief among patients by offering the best service and treatment with tireless efforts. ‘Working with all our heart’ is the Hoan My Hospital’s motto, and our doctors and nurse teams fully believe that “What comes from heart will be felt by heart’.

“By listening closely to our patients, we are able to understand and sympathise with their difficulties and pains, so we do our best to serve them with all our heart. And our greatest happiness comes when patients recover soon after treatment at our hospital.”

Kiem said the happiness of well-recovered patients boosted the morale of the hospital’s doctors and nurses and motivated them to work harder, day after day.

 “It's our commitment to give high-quality health care services to patients. It’s always the best way to help patients overcome illness faster and reduce treatment time, helping save costs,” he said.

HMDN became one of the first hospitals in central Viet Nam to apply laparoscopic surgery techniques in 2002, as also Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), including coronary intervention and congenital intervention (treatment of heart disease without surgery). The hospital was the second one in central Viet Nam (after Hue Central Hospital) to begin open-heart surgery in 2006.

The hospital continues to apply advanced technology in diagnosis and treatment including blood vessel shooting and intervention by DSA machine, CT (Computed Tomography) 64 slice, endoscopic surgery for complex diseases, bone joint replacement surgery, less invasive open-heart surgery, and others.

It receives over 200,000 outpatients and 20000 inpatients each year and performs an average of 4,000 operations.

Top choice

The hospital also offers more comfortable options for patients. Patient can freely make their choices of examination and treatment in a professional, friendly medical environment.

The hospital makes sure that patients are always served and cared for by devoted, highly qualified personnel using modern medical equipment, infrastructure, updated technology at reasonable costs.

The hospital is proud of its human resources, many of who have been trained and educated in the best of domestic and foreign educational institutions.

The teams of doctors and nurses working in the Cardiology, Surgery, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics-Gynecology and Pediatrics departments have gained valuable experience and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complex cases, so the hospital plays an important role in easing the overload of inpatients at public hospitals in the central region.

Dr. Kiem said he believes the hospital is able to offer international standard care and treatment.

“We are confident of providing international standard treatment for patients in the central region, nation-wide and to foreigners. We have treated more than 30,000 locals, as well as domestic and international tourists over the last five years (2011-16)…,” he said.

Hoan My Da Nang has become the first choice of travelers in the region for high-quality medical service, he asserted.