Dinh Vu IZ marks 20-year milestone

With over two decades of development, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (DVIZ) in the northern port city of Hai Phong is a success story of co-operation between the Belgian investor and the city's authorities. Frank Wouters, DVIZ's General Director, talks about plans to ensure more success stories for DVIZ/Deep C.

Europe and were actually the pioneers for wind power generation in Europe. Their common project C Power is a kind of twin brother of Deep C, and now Deep C Power will come to Hai Phong City.                

As the initiator for the creation of an industrial zone in Dinh Vu Peninsula, what do you think about the development of DVIZ/Deep C in the last 20 years?

Land development in Dinh Vu/Deep C Industrial Zones was the first concept of this kind in the region. The Deep C Industrial Zones project is regarded as a success story that set the ball rolling for further development in the Dinh Vu Cat Hai Economic Zone.

Our 20-year journey reflects our effort, perseverance and success. When we first initiated the concept of DVIZ/Deep C, very few people believed in our vision. The zone contained swamps and fish farms. However, the area was envisaged as a strategic location with convenient transportation links. With enormous effort, determination and expertise of the whole team and strong support from Hai Phong City, an industrial zone with a multi-industry cluster with comprehensive utilities system was set up. We witnessed the advantages that a zone such as this could bring to its tenants. Investors could enjoy the convenience of transportation by sea, road, rail and air. Dinh Vu/Deep C Industrial Zones currently ranks one of the best industrial zones in the north of Viet Nam. We have attracted over 70 projects, with total investment of more than US$3 billion from different countries. We have committed to further develop our zone to better serve our clients and to welcome a new wave of investment.

Filip Martens – our former general director and chairman – would be very glad to know his vision is now turning to reality in Viet Nam

Dinh Vu is now seen as a typical model for investment in the industrial zone of Viet Nam. Can you share with us the key to your success?

The key to our success is the people. We are very lucky to find good Vietnamese managers and staff who share our vision and philosophy in developing a reliable industrial zone, providing reliable utilities and services to international projects.

In addition, we have received a lot of support through good co-operation and mutual understanding with the local and central governments since the beginning stage. This now allows us to explore more activities in Vieät Nam such as industrial zone expansion and green energy production.

What is your ambition in Viet Nam?

Viet Nam is increasingly integrating with the world economy and many economic co-operation agreements and free trade agreements with key markets were signed recently. This movement has and will attract strong foreign direct investment from many countries.

Thanks to the success of the first Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (Deep C I), we have rapidly expanded to south Dinh Vu (Deep C II) and Cat Hai Island (Deep C III), next to Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port, adding another 1,000ha of industrial land in Hai Phong City. We are also expanding on over 1,500ha in Quang Ninh, together forming the Deep C Industrial Cluster of over 3,000ha in the north of Vieät Nam.

We have also started investing in green energies for Viet Nam's sustainable development. These include projects in wind-powered water desalination in the Mekong River Delta and Hai Phong, pioneering in solar energy in north Viet Nam and waste-to-energy modules in Dinh Vu and Uong Bi. We are also looking at developing inland waterway ports in Hai Phong and Hai Duong that will divert dangerous traffic on the road to a safer and more ecological route by sea.