A technology story to inspire Vietnamese youth


Hiroshi Yokota smiled amicably as he looked back at his long career and shared some of his memories.

He began to work at Canon in 1990, and over the 25 plus years since, he has traveled across the globe, and worked in leading markets like Japan, France, Australia, and Singapore.

At present, Hiroshi Yokota is the CEO of Canon Marketing Vietnam. Earlier, he served as Senior Director and General Manager of Canon Singapore, head quarter of South & Southeast Asia, Consumer System Products Division.

With the valuable experience he gained in marketing imaging devices and printers, Yokota has introduced many positive changes in the country, spurred by his desire to further Canon's activities in Viet Nam and record greater achievements.

“I've always been fond of Viet Nam, for both our countries have demonstrated tremendous pride & unity through countless national hardships. These shared values along the willingness to support are the strong catalyst in which created the unshakeable bond between the 2 countries. Hence my aspiration to give the Vietnamese younger generation greater access to cutting-edge technology to help nurture their growth. I believe ardently in the values that technology can offer.”

Despite his love for Viet Nam, Yokota understands well that cultural differences can hinder proper communication and the development of an objective mindset.

So he remains focused on identifying and understanding the habits and lifestyles of Vietnamese people, especially the younger generation, the demo- graphic segment that has grown up in the internet era. He uses such insights to find ways to bring the youth in touch with and embrace meaningful values.

This has become the mission that Hiroshi Yokota wants to associate Canon Corp. with.

“We aim to guide young Vietnamese consumers to these values through our products; for example, through the photographic lens. Catering to the professional customer group is not our sole priority,” he said.

“Canon products have always and will always endeavor to approach young customers in the most sensible manner possible, paving the way for them to unleash and fully realize their creativity via easy access to latest technology.”

To achieve this goal, he and his colleagues have organized several events that serve to give all Vietnamese, especially the youth, opportunities to connect with and learn from each other and access modern technology. These include photography con- tests like Canon Photo Marathon and community-based activities like the Canon Help With Love program that grants scholarships to children in disadvantaged schools throughout Viet Nam.

“With our role as the largest provider of imaging solutions in Viet Nam, we always seek to develop a culture of photography and nurture photography talents through competitions based on social, humanitarian values,” Hiroshi Yokota said.

The humanitarian values that he refers to are reflected in Kyosei the Japanese word that can be described as 'spirit of co- operation'.

Kyosei is the corporate philosophy that Canon has unwaveringly strived for, wherein all people, regardless of race, religion, or culture, live and work together for the com- mon good.

In the near future, an exhibition titled Canon Grand Fair will be held to showcase and introduce a range of Canon products. The aim, he said, is “to welcome all technology lovers and people who want to understand and challenge the limits of technology in the new era; who want to gain an in- sight into real values of life that technology can help bring about.”