Maids welcome end to discrimination
After more than 10 years as a full-time housemaid with a Vietnamese family in Ha Noi, Dao Thi Thom, 29, has never been offered health insurance or social insurance like other workers. This is because, despite the fact she has a contract, most Vietnamese, including authorities, have never viewed a maid's job as actual work.
Pho versus KFC: Food for serious thought
A series of global fast food restaurants recently made their foray across the main roads of large cities, such as Ha Noi and HCM City.
"Have you ever visited the 'royal gardens' in Quang Ba near the West Lake?" Truong Kim Trang, a young student in Ha Noi, asked her classmates.
Youth turn away from serious literature
Viet Nam officially celebrates Book Day on April 21, but many believe this is a small step to rouse people's interest in books and cannot immediately alter their reading habits.
Online reports should not invade privacy
"There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones", said beauty expert Helena Rubinstein. She was right. Women have the right to dress themselves well and make themselves more beautiful.
I felt as though I was the central character of the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, the perfect exemple of how credit card is the cornerstone of America's consumerism.
Most civil servants who drink appear to enjoy their tipple a bit too much, leaving a negative impact on their work at state agencies in Viet Nam.
Everyone knows that in the media, speed is what counts and the quicker a story spreads, the more popular it becomes. The web has clear advantages in spreading the news. However, with so many competing sources, accuracy is often the price that is paid.
Fake celeb Facebook pages cause a stir
Famous Vietnamese pop singer Thai Thuy Linh expressed shock upon discovering the seemingly endless number of Facebook pages falsely claiming to represent her on the Internet.
Young students lack standard English programme
The Ministry of Education and Training has ordered kindergartens across the country to stop offering English programmes in any form, including extra-curricula activities.
Hoang Van Anh, a deputy director at a company in Ha Noi, earns an impressive monthly salary. But her husband's lack of willingness to share the work of the household has put their marriage "at the edge of divorce".


Mekong summit calls for greater riparian co-operation Mekong summit calls for greater riparian co-operation

Mekong River riparian countries have improved co-operation since the first Mekong River Commission (MRC) summit held in Thailand four years ago, a senior Vietnamese official has said.

Viet Nam attempts to hold back deadly measles strain Viet Nam attempts to hold back deadly measles strain

The head of Viet Nam's General Department of Preventive Medicine, Tran Dac Phu, announced on Tuesday that the department would work to contain the outbreak of measles over the coming months.

Da Nang plans a greener future Da Nang plans a greener future

The central city of Da Nang will have a face-lift as it becomes a green city following the Prime Minister's decision on the city's adjusted master urban plan for 2030 and 2050.

Delta households face water shortage Delta households face water shortage

More than 377,000 people in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta face a fresh water shortage because of saline water intrusion in the area, according to the National Centre for Rural Clean Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation.

Ha Noi to host National Shooting Cup 1    Ha Noi to host National Shooting Cup

The National Shooting Cup is scheduled to take place in the Ha Noi-based National Sports Training Centre from April 16 to 24.