The above actually came about because there was curling on TV the other night and it was riveting. Well, OK, it was as interesting as watching paint dry, but considering there was nothing else to watch, I kept it on in the background for entertainment.
It seems to be a quiet week as I haven't seen one sensational story about Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth or even John Daly. Talk about boring!
Tiger Woods former caddie Steve Williams just released a "tell-all" book in which he complained that Tiger's management company hung him out to dry, he felt betrayed by his friend, and that he felt like Tiger's "slave" at times.
Naturally, I simply HAD to read it because there are just so many horrible experiences out there that to make a claim such as that is questionable.
What you need to remember is that there is a secret to playing in the cold, just as there is a secret to playing in the heat. Thin layered clothing is always better than a bulky jacket, soups are better than beer and a warm hat are a must.
Jason Day has nothing to be ashamed about. He had a great year and, best of all, he emerged the same guy as he went in. Day is just a hell of a nice guy and there is nothing pretentious about him.
It's not often that a club, or individual can change the image of a country's image overnight, but The Bluffs at the Ho Tram Strip has done exactly that with the announcement of the US$1.5 million "Ho Tram Open" to be held on December 3-6.
Many of us were amused at the viral video of a Korean man attacking his AMG Mercedes Benz with a golf club earlier in the week
There's been a lot of chatter on social media regarding Jordan Spieth's decision to try out a new set of clubs in a tournament. Some claim he was crazy to do so being so late in the year and while he was on a roll.
I am a creature of habit. I like things certain ways and tend to get more irritated than usual when something is supposed to perform a certain way, but doesn't anymore.
Yeah, I get it. It is something to be excited about and Viet Nam is the biggest growing golf destination in the world, and The Bluffs is an amazing project, but c'mon!
Media targets urban readers in coverage
On one hand, cities are expected to be the key to economic growth and to foster prosperity. But they are often seen as chaotic and full of poverty. They suck in productive people from rural areas and undermine agricultural production, the basis of economic development.
Misuse of antibiotics in VN a danger for children
Vietnamese health officials are en-couraging local patients to use antibiotics only when prescribed by a doctor but a survey by the Health Ministry reveals that 76 per cent of doctors prescribe medicines unreasonably, causing antibiotic resistance to about 33 per cent of patients.
My close friend, Nguyen My Trang, is a part-time elementary-level English teacher for a famous English centre in Ha Noi. Although she was not trained in English pedagogy, she is still shining in her teaching career, due to her rich experience.
Donating our organs gives life after death
I have never thought about donating my organs. Probably because I have never thought about how I would die, and I guess many people are just like me.
Such centres as the California Fitness and Yoga Centre, Elite, N Shape and others can sell a lot of membership cards although it is not sale off season.
‘Lucky' vehicle plates: should they be auctioned?
Ha Noi residents and former head of the Viet Nam Automobile Transportation Association Nguyen Manh Hung have applauded a proposal to add vehicle registration plates to a draft law on property auctions, a topic that was addressed by deputies at a National Assembly discussion on Monday.
Old people have very few demands in terms of food or accommodation. They are sometimes too sensitive about the way their children behave with them.
UN leader's links to VN unclear
Local media have been reporting re-cently on a rumour that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has Vietnamese roots.
Two weeks ago, the New York Times reported a story about George Bell, a 72-year-old man who died alone and unseen in his own apartment.
Government ‘friends' Facebook
The Vietnamese government, finally, has caught up with the rest of world and entered the Facebook age.
In a conversation with close friends, my dear friend Nguyen Minh Hang laughed a lot while telling us about her 60-year-old mother who had joined Facebook.


Environmental issues hinder new rural areas Environmental issues hinder new rural areas

In the five years since the Government put in place Decision No 49/QD-TTg on 19 criteria for new-style rural areas for the 2010-20 period, the majority of communes across the nation fail to meet the 17th criterion on environment. Both local and central authorities find it difficult to fill all five norms, as set down.

Baby vaccinations remain a cause for concern Baby vaccinations remain a cause for concern

Parents are concerned about post-vaccine reactions after the recent death of babies after receiving Quinvaxem vaccine, although the Health Ministry has repeatedly confirmed the safety of the vaccine.

Photos strengthen confidence of Mong girls Photos strengthen confidence of Mong girls

Wearing her most beautiful dress, Vu Thi Vu smiles broadly as she shows to her friends one of her photos which are on display at the Can Chu Phin secondary school in Meo Vac district of northernmost Ha Giang Province.

Lack of fire safety a risk in high-rises Lack of fire safety a risk in high-rises

Negligence and ignorance of fire safety regulations by both investors and residents at high-rise buildings have again come to the fore following the latest blaze in Ha Noi.