The Masters is a special event for many different reasons, as is the Norfolk Invitational, but of course on very different levels.
Already people are questioning who will be Tiger's heir apparent to the golf throne and the simplest answer should be "nobody and everybody".
It appears that Tiger Woods will not be in this year's Masters Tournament due to surgery on a pinched nerve in his back. What this really means is that he will not have to endure the embarrassment of missing out on another opportunity to win a major.
For some reason, many amateur golfers refuse to understand that golf clubs are like clothes - they look (perform) best when they are "tailored" for the person.
This course should automatically become number one in Viet Nam and Top 10 in Asia. I would even go so far as to predict it could land in the Top 100 of the world.
I am pretty sure my original opinion will hold up after this visit and the full 18 holes, but we will see. After all, I wouldn't want Ben Styles to get complacent.
No unnatural movements which can easily result in injury. The human body is capable of producing amazing power and speed - providing you allow the body to function correctly.
A few people diehard fans of Le Tigre claim I have been drinking "Haterade" because I don't think Tiger Woods will achieve his goal of eclipsing Jack Nicklaus's record for major tournament wins, but it has nothing to do with hating, disliking or anything else.
The major differences are that, in stroke play, you can goad your opponent into doing something he normally wouldn't do, like take a chance.
For me, you say Valentine's Day and the first thing that comes to mind is Al Capone and the St Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago back in the shoot 'em up days. Yes, my mind works in strange ways most times.
With the Year of the Horse entering at full gallop, we need to think about setting reasonable, yet achievable goals for the coming year.
A cure much worse than the disease
For the crime of talking with a friend during a ceremony at my secondary school, I was asked to come up on stage and face the whole school, and made to stay there after everyone else returned to their classrooms.
The Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) issued an official document in February-end urging kindergartens to desist from teaching foreign languages to children and not popularise the related curriculum.
Maids welcome end to discrimination
After more than 10 years as a full-time housemaid with a Vietnamese family in Ha Noi, Dao Thi Thom, 29, has never been offered health insurance or social insurance like other workers. This is because, despite the fact she has a contract, most Vietnamese, including authorities, have never viewed a maid's job as actual work.
Pho versus KFC: Food for serious thought
A series of global fast food restaurants recently made their foray across the main roads of large cities, such as Ha Noi and HCM City.
"Have you ever visited the 'royal gardens' in Quang Ba near the West Lake?" Truong Kim Trang, a young student in Ha Noi, asked her classmates.
Youth turn away from serious literature
Viet Nam officially celebrates Book Day on April 21, but many believe this is a small step to rouse people's interest in books and cannot immediately alter their reading habits.
Online reports should not invade privacy
"There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones", said beauty expert Helena Rubinstein. She was right. Women have the right to dress themselves well and make themselves more beautiful.
I felt as though I was the central character of the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, the perfect exemple of how credit card is the cornerstone of America's consumerism.
Most civil servants who drink appear to enjoy their tipple a bit too much, leaving a negative impact on their work at state agencies in Viet Nam.
Everyone knows that in the media, speed is what counts and the quicker a story spreads, the more popular it becomes. The web has clear advantages in spreading the news. However, with so many competing sources, accuracy is often the price that is paid.
Fake celeb Facebook pages cause a stir
Famous Vietnamese pop singer Thai Thuy Linh expressed shock upon discovering the seemingly endless number of Facebook pages falsely claiming to represent her on the Internet.


Light it up with fire on Hue's Truong Tien Bridge Light it up with fire on Hue's Truong Tien Bridge

The 150-year-old Truong Tien Bridge, which spans over the renowned Huong (Perfume) River in Hue City, was lit up by fire in an installation by French artist Carabosse on Friday evening.

Hospital provides free asthma treatment Hospital provides free asthma treatment

The Bach Mai General Hospital will provide free check-up consultations and treatment to newly asthmatic patients on April 26, to mark Global Asthma Day (May 1).

Failure to address water pollution has consequences 1    Failure to address water pollution has consequences

Viet Nam needs to have a comprehensive, unified set of rules to control water pollution in the country, because the problem has assumed very serious proportions, experts and officials said at workshop yesterday.

Tokyo police release VNA flight attendant Tokyo police release VNA flight attendant

Vietnam Airlines announced on Wednesday that the Japanese authorities had released its 25-year-old flight attendant who had been arrested on suspicion of smuggling stolen goods.

Paean to people with disabilities Paean to people with disabilities

A photo exhibition in Dong Nai Province underscores the will and perseverance of 25 disabled people who overcame their situation to lead normal lives.