First of all, congrats to Jordan Spieth on his win at the US Open. He played well and deserved to walk out as champion. Also, kudos to Dustin Johnson for making things interesting as it came down to the wire.
Enough of my problems, let's talk about other people experiencing disasters - yes, it's that time again. US Open, and the USGA, doing their damnedest to drive the "best players in the world" completely out of their minds.
Last weekend, The Bluffs held the Thu Duc Garden Homes tournament and everybody went all out to make it a huge success. The golf course has never been in better shape, or played harder. Kudos to GM Ben Styles and Superintendent, Ali MacFayden and their staffs.
As I write this, I am in a semi-panic because my golf swing is in pieces after trying to regain my ability to drive the golf ball long and accurately.
Once again, certain segments of the golf community, mostly in the US and Australia are trying to find a way to make golf more palatable to the masses, specifically the segments which prefer video games, iPads, iPods and the sofa with a bowl of chips and a six-pack of beer within arms reach.
Tiger is gone, Cheetah is back... According to a British newspaper, Tiger Woods admitted to cheating on his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn, which was the cause of the breakup.
Sometimes it seems like the guy cannot catch a break. Perhaps it's karma coming back to haunt him for numerous past transgressions. He's getting what he deserves. Others might call it simply bad luck.
Funny how the tournament schedule in Viet Nam closely follows the Tour schedule. For example, we have the Norfolk Invitational during the Masters week, we have Thu Duc Garden Homes around the same time as the US Open and a host of other events during the Open Championship and PGA Championship events.
Jordan Speith walked off with the Masters green jacket after going wire to wire. Not many people have done that, nor did they put up a record amount of birdies on the way. So what can we learn from this past Masters tournament?
Occasionally, we will have "invitational" tournaments here in Viet Nam, but those not invited still find a way to get in, either through a friend, a sponsor exemption or pressure from a high-ranking friend.
I was having a nice chat with a friend on the practice green today and he mentioned that, according to the Tour pros he's spoken with during his jaunts to Tour events, and they claim the Masters is the easiest of the major events to win.
Rough language may be banned from offices
Ha Noi is preparing to issue a code of conduct for people working in offices, agencies and communities. However, many wonder about a provision banning people from using derogatory language.
Viet Nam's elderly long for open skies and doors
During the day, she looks forward to her children and grandchildren coming home for dinner and throughout the year, the 75-year-old woman longs for the Lunar New Year to come to her hometown in the northern province of Ha Nam.
Couples should help determine family size
National Assembly delegates, academics and the public are discussing whether Viet Nam should end its population-control policy because the national birth rate has become alarmingly low. This could lead to an ageing population at risk of not having enough people and funds to support them.
NGOs struggle for visibility on Facebook
The move is pragmatic, but also inimical. News agencies will become dependent on Facebook, which always seems pregnant with vagaries of its mathematical formula to operate its newsfeed.
‘Unlucky' years may be best for children
In 2000, the year of the Dragon, the number of newborns in Viet Nam increased sharply because Vietnamese and many other East Asian people believe that being born in the year of the Golden Dragon, the children will have easy and happy lives.
Facebook does have a social downside
Duong Nga's seven-month-old son is learning to crawl, has grown three milk teeth and weighs eight kilograms. Now, everyone knows, thanks to Facebook.
Punishing people doing good is really bad
One day after being re-leased from prison, a senior high school student was determined to go back to his school in Buon Ma Thuot City in the highland province of Dak Lak to attend the year-end examination.
Sweating it out on parallel bars in Thong Nhat Park, Pham Bao Trung, an IT professional in Ha Noi, says the park is like a close friend to him.
Straightforward solution to sexual harassment
It has taken a while, but sexual harassment at the workplace has been officially acknowledged as a problem.The nation's first-ever code of conduct for the workplace was issued late last month. It is expected to help workers recog-nise sexual harassment and protect themselves.
The power of advertising has been well recognised, but it's not every day that advertising causes family conflict. I wouldn't know it could, had I not myself experienced this with my mother.
Driving skills, not licences, key to safety
While the Ministry of Transport's recent plan to divide driving courses into two sections, one for automatic cars (AT) and the other for manual cars (MT) pleases many drivers of automatic vehicles presently forced to take the more difficult manual test, some doubt the feasibility of the separation.


Ha Noi hospital-goers beat heat with free water Ha Noi hospital-goers beat heat with free water

By the time Nguyen Thi Thung, grey-haired and sporting traditional ba ba brown clothes, stops her motorbike near the gates of Ha Noi Cancer Hospital, patients, relatives and street vendors holding empty bottles are already queued up.

Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane

The national flagship carrier Vietnam Airlines held a ceremony on July 2 to receive its first Airbus 350-900 aircraft and announce its upgrade service quality programme and new brand identifying system, marking a major step in bringing the airline into the international arena.

CAAV plan seeks to tighten baggage security 2    CAAV plan seeks to tighten baggage security

The Civil Aviation Administration of Viet Nam (CAAV) has issued a plan for better management and prevention of theft of passengers' baggage and cargo, and to ensure aviation security.

Son makes Dad prize wheelchair 1    Son makes Dad prize wheelchair

Le Van Hoa works through his lunchtime at a workshop at the Hue College of Industry every day, despite the extreme heat. He is finalising an electric wheelchair designed for his father who was paralysed in a motorbike accident 12 years ago.

Prime Minister awards merit certificate to swimmer Vien 1    Prime Minister awards merit certificate to swimmer Vien

Nguyen Thi Anh Vien received a Labour Order third class, and a merit certificate from Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on Monday.