Discover French Grill's "smoked lobster tail"; an exclusive creation from Chef Szurek. The delicate flavors of the hot smoked lobster tail are balanced with fresh green apple and herbs sour cream for a unique tasting experience.
Bartender Nguyen Trong Tin often serves his signature Vietnamese caipiroska cocktail at Mango Bay Resort, a perfect beachside accompaniment to the sun, sand and sea.
Chinese Shumai
Shumai is one of the popular dish in the hotel's All You Can Eat Dimsum menu, which is juicy, flavourful and delicious to taste. Enjoy!
Steamed Prawns with Vermicelli and Garlic
Calling all seafood lovers! Enjoy the exclusive recipe of delicious steamed prawns with vermicelli and garlic by Chef Nguyen Van Tuan (May Man Cuisine, Fortuna Hotel Ha Noi).
Bun Bo Hue (Fragrant Beef Soup with delicate vermicelli noodles, Hue style)
Central Viet Nam's cuisine is known for its unique spices and flavours. The cuisine of the former royal city of Hue, for example, was once created for kings and queens. One of Viet Nam's most popular dishes is Bun Bo Hue, a fragrant beef soup, with delicate vermicelli noodles, that has an intoxicating balance of flavours.
Salmon Confit
A slow cooked fillet of Norwegian salmon, served with hearty romaine cream and lightly salted Persian feta. A simple dish yet sublimed by the flavours combination of the reefs and prairies - a must-eat this summer for you!
Baked Moon Cake with Caramel Stuffing
This week, let's learn how to make the traditional moon cake with a new flavour, caramel stuffed inside. The recipe is brought to you by chef Van.
This week, indulge yourself in a simple yet appetising dish, sauteed beef with mango. The dish is bought to you by chef Trung.
Cha Shiew (Xa Xiu)
Craving for Char Siew? Char Siew fans who have become accustomed to the fragrant, juicy and good texture of succulent pork belly should not miss the opportunity to savour this caramelised barbecued pork, a recipe by chef Tuan (Fortuna Hotel Ha Noi).
A savoury soup made of lobster, cognac and a handful of fresh herbs. A special creation to revive your taste buds this summer at French Grill restaurant!
Stewed artichoke flower with pork leg
Artichoke is one of signature ingredient of Da Lat because of its nutrition value. Chef Huong of Le Petit Da Lat Restaurant instructs a delicious stewed dish using artichoke flower and pork leg. The dish is not only simple to cook but also healthy.


Authorities step in to save old trees 1    Authorities step in to save old trees

The Ha Noi People's Committee has asked Ha Noi Urban Railway Management Unit to try to avoid chopping down many old trees to make way for a future metro line.

Young travellers rescue bus accident victims Young travellers rescue bus accident victims

A group of 16 young Vietnamese motorbikers were first on the scene at last Monday's tragic bus accident on its way from the resort town of Sa Pa, which killed 13 of the 50 passengers on a sleeper bus.

Capital's new urban areas still without safe tap water Capital's new urban areas still without safe tap water

People living in apartment buildings of the capital's new urban areas are expressing concern over poor-quality tap water.

Minister acts on highway peril Minister acts on highway peril

The Ministry of Transport has urged Lao Cai People's Committee to co-ordinate the completion of the highway linking Noi Bai airport with Lao Cai and the resort town of Sa Pa.

VN film triumphs at Venice festival 2    VN film triumphs at Venice festival

A film by Vietnamese female director Nguyen Hoang Diep beat seven other foreign debut features to win the Best Film prize at the 2014 Venice International Film Festival's International Critics' Week.