Considered an excellent cooking method that preserves not only flavour but also the nutritional value of the ingredients, sous vide has been utilised by chefs for many decades.
HOME Restaurant serves a range of Vietnamese dishes from authentic to fusion. Among the specials, Grilled "Cha Ca Lang" -- a Ha Noi speciality -- inspires gastronomes with its rich flavour created from well-marinated fish, aromatic spring onion and dill, crunchy roasted peanuts and a strong punch from the shrimp sauce.
Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin with Baby Cabbage
Discover a crispy, fresh and juicy dish with recipes from Chef Ming of Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant. You can also learn how to cook some other tempting dishes as Chef Ming hosts a complimentary cooking class every Saturday this November.
Oyster Delight
Experience the taste of the sea with divine flavour of stir-fried oyster with minced pork sauce, a recipe by Chef Nguyen Van Tuan of May Man Cuisine.
Deep-Fried Cuttlefish with Salt and Pepper
Deep-fried cuttlefish with salt and pepper is one of the most favourite dishes at most Cantonese restaurants. Ideal as a starter, snack or served with rice, it's easy to make this spicy and crisp at home.
Creamy Lemon Pasta with Salmon
Indulge with Creamy Lemon Pasta with Salmon, a little culinary inspiration for your week. With the recipe from head chef Kenji Tam of Emperor restaurant, soft and smooth Italian pasta is perfectly combined with fried salmon fillets in the creamy texture. With a fresh and sour touch of lemon, this dish is definitely a gastronomic delight in this autumn.
Avocado with Green Meringue and Herbs
Discover an exceptional culinary experience with a recipe from chef Szurik at French Grill restaurant. The balance between the freshness and creaminess of avocado and crunchiness of meringue creates a unique tasting experience.
Stir-Fried US Beef Ribs with Black Pepper Sauce
Simple yet delicious, come experience hot spicy taste and juicy textures of stir-fried US beef ribs with black pepper sauce, a recipe from chef Tuan from May Man Restaurant.
Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Baby Leek, Young Carrot, Oyster Mushroom and Truffle
Indulge yourself in a whole new flavour of this week's inspiring dish, brought to you by chef Genique.
Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Wafu Pasta
Indulge a new dish with the recipe from Head Chef Kenji Tam of Emperor Restaurant. The favourite Italian pasta is perfectly combined with flavourful fried bacon in rich creamy texture.
Scallop Risotto
Selecting from ingredients of highest quality, chef Szurek creates a wonderful culinary symphony consisting of pan-seared scallops, risotto with squid ink and parmesan cheese and tops it off with some fresh asparagus. Cheers!


Environmental issues hinder new rural areas Environmental issues hinder new rural areas

In the five years since the Government put in place Decision No 49/QD-TTg on 19 criteria for new-style rural areas for the 2010-20 period, the majority of communes across the nation fail to meet the 17th criterion on environment. Both local and central authorities find it difficult to fill all five norms, as set down.

Baby vaccinations remain a cause for concern Baby vaccinations remain a cause for concern

Parents are concerned about post-vaccine reactions after the recent death of babies after receiving Quinvaxem vaccine, although the Health Ministry has repeatedly confirmed the safety of the vaccine.

Photos strengthen confidence of Mong girls Photos strengthen confidence of Mong girls

Wearing her most beautiful dress, Vu Thi Vu smiles broadly as she shows to her friends one of her photos which are on display at the Can Chu Phin secondary school in Meo Vac district of northernmost Ha Giang Province.

Lack of fire safety a risk in high-rises Lack of fire safety a risk in high-rises

Negligence and ignorance of fire safety regulations by both investors and residents at high-rise buildings have again come to the fore following the latest blaze in Ha Noi.