Duy enlisted the help of students to make the video to show to leaders in the Greater Mekong Subregion. At the 2015 ASEAN Youth Video Contest, it won the top prize, a trip to the 2015 ASEAN Summit.
Last month, Nguyen Thi Yen Nga, 55, and her friends joined a class in HCM City that provides training in basic internet applications. A housewife, Nga had never worked in an office or had a computer at home.
Ngo Van Ba walks with a forward gait, his head up and eyes down. The 63-year-old from Can Tho City has rowed ferry boats for so long that his posture has changed.
Huynh Thi Thanh's entire world is her small house where she lives with her mother. For much of the time, she stays on the floor, crawling as best as she can from one spot to another.
After 20 years of hard work, Ho Van Viet, a member of the Dakrong Music and Dance Troupe of Quang Tri Province, has reached the pinnacle of his career.
Despite mockery from neighbours and repeated failures, Nguyen Van Dung, a farmer from Tay Ninh Province, refused to give up. His aim was to make a better combine harvester and chemical-spraying machine to lighten the load of his fellow farmers.
Nguyen Viet Trung, head of the village's Retired Teachers Board, says that their children who work in larger cities and other provinces had donated old and new books as well as newspapers to the library. National and provincial libraries have also contributed materials.
The image of Ngo Quang Trung, 27, taking three- and four-year-olds to the market on his motorbike is a familiar one with residents of Gia Nghia Town in Dak Nong Province.
Nguyen Thi Tuy, a native of Ha Nam Province's Phu Ly City, has asked friends to complete paperwork at Ha Noi Medicine University to allow her to donate her body to a hospital after she dies.
Children all over Viet Nam are out of school and excited about the upcoming summer. While many in urban areas have numerous places to play, kids in outlying districts have fewer choices.
A group of young Vietnamese called Germer (for the French word meaning to germinate) is promoting classical music among people from all walks of life in HCM City.


Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh Mountains of coal sludge still threat to lives in Quang Ninh

Wiping sweat from his forehead, 36-year-old Trinh Duc Sang took big strides along a road covered with muddy coal sludge and dirt to the place that was his home until just three weeks ago. He climbed a rickety ladder that buckled under his weight to reach his neigh-bour's house overlooking a creek. From there, he crossed into his old home.

Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane Vietnam Airlines launches new-generation Airbus plane

The national flagship carrier Vietnam Airlines held a ceremony on July 2 to receive its first Airbus 350-900 aircraft and announce its upgrade service quality programme and new brand identifying system, marking a major step in bringing the airline into the international arena.

Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam 1    Wounds begin to heal between US, Viet Nam

Pham Ba Lu swore thousands of times that he "would not live under the same sky as the United States".

Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA Mental disorders affect 10% of Viet Nam's population: MoLISA

Nearly 9 million people in Viet Nam, or 10 per cent of the population, suffer from mental disorders, including 2.5 per cent with serious mental illnesses under social protection.