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Adaptability is crucial to success, says Thanh


Tran Thanh is a theatre and film actor, a comedian and a pop singer. He has worked as an MC and is even thinking of opening a restaurant. The versatile, and talkative, entertainer spoke with Linh Anh about his future goals.

Inner Sanctum: My first impression is that you are quite talkative?

I am an MC, so you can't force me to keep silent while running a show! Though I am talkative, I say the right things and aim to entertain, so my words are still significant. Am I right?

Inner Sanctum: You perform in plays, act in movies, work as an MC and now you're trying out singing. Are you taking advantage of your own name?

I think I am like a gecko. To survive, we should renew and adapt to our living environment.

I love to conquer, and love to be challenged. I am not happy with what I already have so I want to diversify my life.

When I work as an MC, I'm serious but I also have fun with it. As an actor or singer, I also try to embody the characters and the content of the sad songs.

Of course it's easier said than done, but I want to develop into a versatile artist. These artists are common in other countries. They can do it, why can't we?

Inner Sanctum: Can you talk about your music project?

I just issued a comedy DVD called Tran Thanh Town which includes short plays that I composed, directed, and took on the role of the main character.

I plan to issue a CD with all the songs that I sang with singer Doan Trang while we performed in the Cap Doi Hoan Hao (Just the Two of Us) competition, plus a few new songs.

I'm still thinking about the project, but time will tell how the audience sees me in different roles.

Inner Sanctum: If you pursue a career in singing, what genre of music will you pursue?

I love songs that have serious content and messages. I love Je suis Malade by Lara Fabian, I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston, as well as songs by Marc Anthony and Michael Bolton.

I can say that audiences will see me bring something new and unique to the singing stage.

Inner Sanctum: You established a comedy group in 2007. Do you think you are successful in this field?

Comedians are like haranguers, as this is an art that uses language and social issues. Let's imagine that you are given 10 minutes to make others laugh like crazy. Can you do it? I think this requires intelligence. I don't like cheap things.

Inner Sanctum: Some people have said you are superficial. What do you think about this opinion?

Most people think I am superficial but I am not sad about that.

I chose to simplify everything to avoid complications and stress in my life.

Actually, I live a very internal life. I don't want to make others, especially people who like me, feel sad.

When I meet someone, I want to understand them, to get their feelings to enrich my own experience in order to know how to treat them properly.

Inner Sanctum: You're quite versatile, would you also say you're a loveable guy?

I think so. Actually, I am full of emotions, including friendship, good relations with teachers, brotherhoods and love.

The thing I fear most is loneliness.

I'm too emotional. I can say that, as a man, nobody can say we are 100 per cent faithful. The problem is how we treat our passion. I am able to restrain my passion for new temptations so that I won't hurt my lover.

Sometime we can't stop ourselves, but we should at least do our best to avoid hurting our lovers.

I want a balance between love and career so I must find a woman who can understand and sympathise with my needs and situation.

Inner Sanctum: You are famous and have many fans. Are you under any pressure?

I think that fame depends on karma. I always equip myself with the best things available and wait for opportunities.

Inner Sanctum: Do you intend to follow in the footsteps of some other famous artists and jump into business?

I'd love to be involved in business but I've been so busy recently. I'm sure to try a couple of things this year involving cuisine and fashion. But I want to do something unique and strange. For example, I want my restaurant to have food that people can't find in other restaurants.

Inner Sanctum: What do you think about money?

I think that there are four things that can change a man's nature. First, when he's drunk. Second, when he is in love. Third, when he faces a challenge. Fourth, when he needs money.

I don't want to change my nature because of money. Money can cause a lot of terrible problems.

I hate money but I need it to live. But I don't think we should be so worried about it. We only need enough to be a little comfortable. But don't be poor! I wouldn't accept being poor! — VNS

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