Le Ha Uyen wanted to share her passion for her native cuisine with her international friends, and in doing so she discovered the subtleties that made Vietnamese cuisine so diverse, Luong Thu Huong reports.
Nguyen Thuy Trang studied arts and media at L'E'cole superieure des Beaux-Arts d'Angers, from where she graduated in 2012. She received an award from the Viet Nam Fine Arts Association in 2010 and took part in the International Mini Textile Exhibition in France in 2012.
Park Noh Wan, the Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Viet Nam, recently became the first foreigner to receive the International Relations Doctoral Degree from the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam.
Le Thai Hoa, the Vietnamese-Canadian actor who plays General Nhuan in this summer's blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past, tells Luong Thu Huong that his Hollywood experience has been rewarding in multiple ways.
What made the Giants of Asia tick?
Thomas Gordon Plate is an American journalist, university professor and internationally syndicated columnist. Over the last 18 years his column on Asia has regularly appeared in leading newspapers across the globe.
The Viet Nam Centre for the Protection of Music Copyright (VCPMC) has been struggling hard to ensure due royalty payments for Vietnamese songwriters. The centre's director, songwriter Pho Duc Phuong, talks to Mai Chau about the road.
As a top graduate of the Department of Architecture from Tokyo University who has had many opportunities to work with top-notch architects around the world, Massaaki Iwamoto chose Viet Nam as the place to start his career in 2011. He explains his choice to Nhat Le.
Tran Thi Cam Ly is a Vietnamese pop singer best known for folk songs from Southern Viet Nam. She first came to the country's attention in 1993 and was recently chosen to be one of the judges on the Vietnamese version of The Voice Kids.
Recently, he and his team announced the discovery of the gravitational wave, proving the theory of expansion of the universe. He received his PhD at Princeton University in 1993. He talks to Hong Nhung about his work and latest projects.
Dao Chi Anh, founder of Kitchen Art Studio, popular food blogger and co-author of a recently-published cookbook titled "Sweet Kitchens", talks to Thu Huong Le about how she opened her kitchen door and found destiny waiting.
The author of The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, Thomas L. Friedman, has returned to Viet Nam for the second time after almost twenty years. During his six-day visit from Tuesday to Sunday, he planned talks with Vietnamese policy makers, scholars, businesspeople and students.


China continues East Sea aggression China continues East Sea aggression

China continued to maintain its illegal presence and aggression in Vietnamese waters yesterday as more condemnation of its actions came from US and Philippine officials.

Single father's formula for mother's milk 6    Single father's formula for mother's milk

The baby began to cry just as the taxi started moving.Trinh Tuan was at a loss. He had no previous experience of taking care of any baby, and here he was, alone with his 14-day-old baby daughter for the first time, going home from the Tu Du Hospital in HCM City.

BIDV funds $53 million road in Laos 1    BIDV funds $53 million road in Laos

The Bank for Investment and Development of Viet Nam (BIDV) will lend US$53.16 million to Laos to help the country build a road in its northern province of Houaphanh.

Delta faces major water crisis Delta faces major water crisis

More efforts must be made to efficiently manage and use scarce water resources of the Mekong River as climate change and rapid development to produce electricity have threatened its sustainability.

Three guys, one camera, an Irish goal Three guys, one camera, an Irish goal

It has been difficult getting back to normal life for Iain McNamara and his peers after their one-year trip through 22 countries.