Lang Biang reserve a hot spot for biodiversity
The Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve is home to an array of species, making it ideal for research and eco-tourism. Bach Lien & Phuoc Buu report.
Pint-sized painters carry on art tradition
With Tet approaching, more than 400 children are learning about traditional Vietnamese paintings and raising money for charity. Luong Thu Huong reports.
Narcissus flower colours the New Year
Once only accessible to wealthy families, the Narcissus flower has come back into style as a delicate way to ring in the lunar New Year. Le Huong reports.
Chef goes to great lengths for authentic taste
Culinary expert Nguyen Phuong Hai of the Quan An Ngon chain discusses the quest for authentic shrimp paste, rare leaves and more.
Red Sunday: just a quick pinch and a cinch
Blood donors, both young and old, signed up for this year's Red Sunday blood drive in Dak Lak Province. Some have donated more than a dozen times. Thien Nga reports.
Blood donors multiply, but shortage continues
Despite the increase in blood-donation drives and awareness efforts, only 60% of Viet Nam's demand for potentially life-saving blood is being met. Gia Loc reports.
Students bring joy to those less fortunate
The Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday is traditionally a time of reunion for the Vietnamese. For the last eight years, thousands of local and foreign students from HCM City's universities have taken part in an annual campaign that helps those in need during the festive season. Van Dat joins them for a day.
Scientist shines light for visually impaired
Nguyen Ba Hai is Viet Nam's first inventor of haptic eyes which serves Vietnamese and foreigners who suffer from varying degrees of blindness.
Tug-of-war pulls UNESCO recognition
Different forms of the traditional test of strength take place across Asia-Pacific, and while they entertain the crowds, there is a deep-rooted belief that these rituals will bring a fruitful harvest. Ha Tung Long reports.
Poor students get to grips with English
Tourism in Ben Tre Province is growing, but many locals do not have the language skills needed to take advantage of this opportunity. That's why a 79-year-old has opened a free English centre in her home. Thanh Huyen & Thu Huong report.
Martial artist finds purpose despite disease
After a devastating Lupus diagnosis, dedicated martial artist Nguyen Kim Hoang came back from the brink of death to continue his teaching career, despite financial difficulties. Minh Trang reports.


Teacher's long fight for justice pays off Teacher's long fight for justice pays off

Nguyen Than spent years trying to prove the innocence of his former student, wrongfully convicted on a murder charge 18 years ago.

Passion motivates circus artists to take risks Passion motivates circus artists to take risks

The circus has always been about performers attempting precarious and daring acts in exchange for the intangible reward of the roar of the crowd.

New flowers grown for Tet New flowers grown for Tet

Farmers in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta will offer new varieties of flowers for the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday, which falls on February 8 this year.

VN strives to reform customs ahead of FTAs VN strives to reform customs ahead of FTAs

The World Trade Organisation's Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) would boost customs reforms to facilitate trade across borders in line with international standards, an official has said.